TWS: February 2016


Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016



It was 1983, Sandy and I  just arrived in Budapest, Hungary while I was on assignment for Smithkline Corporation. We checked our bags at the very charming  Astoria Hotel located in the city center. After a brief check in we took a leisurely stroll to see an exhibit at the Hungarian National Museum.  As we ascended an old massive set of marble laden stairs leading to galleries on the second floor,  I asked the former model to strike a pose, realizing the amazing silhouette that enveloped her.  During the early 1980’s,  I was interested in Surrealism, and so I selected a contemporary skyscraper image from my archives, and juxtaposed the images together to create a surrealistic effect of old and new geometrical shapes.  This picture is part of an early series called 80’s Composites.


To see more early work from the 1980’s  by Tony Ward go here:

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