TWS: Cover Shoot October 2015

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Posted on October 1, 2015


Photo: Ted Kawalerski, Copyright 2015


Poetry: A.H. Scott, Copyright 2015


Rebel yell
Ain’t no little boy
Rebel yell
Oh yeah, that’s damn right
Rebels don’t have an expiration date
And, since you don’t have a sticker tagged on your bottom, Tony Ward’s maverick  status is blushingly great
Some may say you should trade that sexy Benz for a golden rocking chair
Men half your age wouldn’t have the balls of taking that steering wheel which you dare
But, damnit, Tony Ward is so far from through yet
Sun, moon, stars, fireflies and patterns of red-light
Fire which burns inside of you is the flame that splashes upon photo paper
Darkroom develops art which is timeless
Even when flesh and bone become ash, it reflects on who Tony Ward is
Rebel yell is serenity’s bliss
Got many years of living to go
Man of many talents has miles of teaching and observing the human flow
Those small minds may wonder of the old man can keep up
When Mr. Ward whips out that big lens of his, he shuts the nonbelievers up
Now, I ain’t being trashy
Oh no, this blonde here is way too sassy
I guess I’ll just keep it classy
So, from me to you, I say
“Happy Birthday, Tony!!”
Nature’s symphony is a tuner of time
Barely a wrinkle upon your face
Yet, the ones that are there are experiences’ trace
Projects and configurations are the spice of life which keeps you on the ball
You can mambo and hustle with the best of them all
Flyin’ like an eagle to here and there
Damn, Tony you never lose that elegant flair
Sounds of them old bones of yours cracking has a nice appeal
No doubt about the expanse of your life – It’s the REAL DEAL
Maturity isn’t just growing old
It’s the savoring of each second which heaven has allowed
Be that peacock and forever walk proud
60 IS SEXY!!
Wear it like a champ, Tony!!

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