TW: Letters to the Photographer

Topless woman on motorcycle
Casting photo topless on motorcycle. Mailed in by subject.

Text by Tony Ward. Copyright 2021


Letters to The Photographer


As a sequel to my previous post about letters written to adult magazine editors in the 1990’s, models also found ways to communicate ideas for shoots with photographers they wanted to work with for a specific magazine the model wanted to be published in.  In my case, the female subject in this photo wrote me shortly after we started working together for Penthouse magazine about the possibility of photographing her and her boyfriend having sex.

Here is the letter that arrived at my studio that introduced me to the idea:

“Dear Photo God,

Hello. Here is a picture of my master. He’s very nicely built and of course h can cover up his tattoo, do stuff with his hair etc.,  He and I do photos at home but, we have to set the timer (and it only takes two photos) and I must reset things very quickly.  It doesn’t really get me very aroused doing that in two minutes.

But seeing how very gifted you are, Im sure and would be ever so gracious if you could photograph us and be sure to bring two cameras. One might explode!


Nude man with huge erection
Casting photo boyfriend of subject.


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