Archive: Behind the Scenes, Hamburg & Paris

The beginning of this clip takes place in Hamburg, Germany when a film crew documented one of  Tony Ward’s shoots for a television expose about a Brazilian model by the name of Rosemarie Salioni. He cast her for a centerfold shoot for German Penthouse.  Little did he know, the shoot that was about to take place would become a German tabloid scandal.  The press revealed just days after the shoot was produced, Ms. Salioni was having an affair with Ottmar Hitzfeld, the former head manager of FC Bayern Munich, the most famous football club in all of Germany.  The next scene takes place in Paris with Tony’s x-wife during an exhibit at Les Larmes D’Eros, a popular erotic book store and gallery located in the Bastille, a historic neighborhood in the heart of Paris.

Les Larmes D’Eros, the famous Parisian erotic bookstore, occupies a unique place in the history of erotic art and photography. Founded in 1979 by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, a renowned publisher and champion of freedom of expression, the bookstore quickly became a cultural landmark and a hub for artists, photographers, and writers who explored the boundaries of eroticism.

The name “Les Larmes D’Eros” translates to “The Tears of Eros,” referring to the Greek god of love and desire. The bookstore’s name reflected its commitment to exploring the complex and multifaceted aspects of human sexuality through art and literature.

One of the notable features of Les Larmes D’Eros was its dedication to showcasing erotic art and photography. The store hosted exhibitions featuring renowned photographers like Tony Ward and Gilles Beret, among others. These exhibitions provided a platform for these artists to share their work with a broader audience, pushing the boundaries of erotic imagery and challenging societal taboos.

Throughout its history, Les Larmes D’Eros faced challenges and controversies. France, known for its liberal attitude towards sexual expression, also had stringent laws regarding obscenity and pornography. The bookstore occasionally found itself in legal battles over the content it exhibited and sold, but its commitment to artistic freedom and its role in promoting intellectual exploration prevailed.

Les Larmes D’Eros was more than just a bookstore; it was a cultural institution that fostered discussions about sexuality, art, and literature. It attracted visitors from all over the world who sought to engage with and appreciate the beauty and complexity of erotic expression.

The bookstore also published a variety of books and magazines that explored erotic themes in literature and art. It contributed to the academic and artistic discourse surrounding erotica, further solidifying its position as a significant cultural establishment in Paris.

Over time, as the internet transformed the way people accessed and shared erotic content, Les Larmes D’Eros faced challenges in adapting to the changing landscape. The store experienced financial difficulties and was eventually forced to close its doors in 2003.

Despite its closure, Les Larmes D’Eros left an indelible mark on the world of erotic art and photography. It remains a symbol of artistic freedom, intellectual exploration, and the enduring appeal of the erotic in art and culture. The legacy of this iconic Parisian establishment lives on through the works of the photographers and artists who exhibited there and the broader conversation about eroticism in the arts


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