Nef Nels: Too Wet Too Tight

Man and woman French kiss close up by world famous erotic photographer Tony Ward
Wet Kiss. Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Poetry by Nef Nel, Copyright 2023


Too Wet Too Tight


It wasnt the first time nor the second but it was the first time that the realization come across my mind that there was a possible uniqueness to her. 

Love can cause feeling to seem bigger, emotions to be expressed louder and touches to feel that much better – but a stranger says so then……..

When I adventured out on our first date I knew the attraction was strong. Be a lady I told myself and keep both feet on the floor. 

Dinner was delicious but I couldnt take my eyes off of his massive pecks which he seemed to flex ever time he put the fork to his full plump lips. 

Part of me knew I would feel this lips before I knew his last name and I would feel them on my lips that cant kiss back. 

I quivered because time is not on my side when the desire peeks. Shes awake and my thong was soaked. 

I shouldnt have worn that skirt. How would I explain what he would see if someone were to turn up the lights in the restaurant or maybe thats why they kept them dim. 

I think he knew. My tell isnt just in one spot, it was as if someone turned the air conditioner on freeze and my two full ripe melons had gumdrops waiting to be sucked right there across the table. 

Thats when he said to the waitress – check please. He knew. 

I wiggled and tried not to make any further eye contact but his scent had already filled our space. I needed to get closer. 

He stood up and I could tell he had been thinking some of the same thoughts and he was not afraid for me to see. 

He reached out his hand and asked- shall we go” I smiled – never saying one word. I just followed his lead. He spoke but all I could do was to watch his shoulders that looked as if he had been lifting massive bolders daily. His amazing physique made me want to inspect more closely for the reason why his right pocket seemed to be bigger than his left.

We got to his SUV and he opened the door and help me climb in. As I did the heel of my shoe caught on the rug of the passenger side floor causing my skirt to lift. I didnt pull it down. I just look at my red lace thong as it revealed itself to him. It was an invitation. 

It wasnt long before I felt this plump juicy caramel lips on my mouth and on how passionate. We were like animals in heat in a parked car not caring who was watching. 

It happened quickly, his hand lowered to my tiny red thong and thats when he discovered a new definition of juicy. 

She was ripe ready and willing and he didnt waste time. He didnt know my last name or even my zodiac sign but he would soon find out that I am one of very few who upon reaching a pinnacle a squirt follows. 

His girth caused a moan that had to be muzzled with his hand but he too was unable to hold his load. As he pulled my hair with one hand and held my mouth with the other his second insertion cause an explosion which It felt deep inside. 

His only words were too wet too tight.


closeup of man having sex with woman from behind
Too Wet Too Tight. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


Editor’s Note: These pictures are from Tony Ward’s first book Obsessions, published by Editions Stemmle, Zurich Switzerland in 1998. An exhibition of photography by Tony Ward of the Obsessions pictures from the years 1993 – 1998 will be on display at Prism Arts Philadelphia from October 6th – October 27, 2023. For more information, link here

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