Nef Nels: Politicians in My Panties

Black woman wearing white lingerie partially nude
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Nef Nels, Copyright 2023


Politicians in My Panties


How are babies made mommy? That’s one of the first major questions that’s a child asks their parents after discovering that there is a world outside of toys and TV. A lot of mommy’s get this question when their belliy’s grow big with a baby.

But what happens if that baby is not alive or you know will soon pass away after birth? What do you tell your curious child? How do you break the news to them?

My mother had to carry a deceased baby to term because of the laws back in the seventies. She never got over it. She told me about the day he passed away. She could tell that something was wrong because he quivered and jerked all day. She said he then stopped moving and never moved again.  She went to the hospital and was told she had to carry him for over two months knowing he was not alive. She talked about the silence in the delivery room and the way he looked after being pulled out via Cesarean section.

Why do some men feel the need to torture women this much. Do they really hate us that badly?

This can’t be just about pro life. Maybe Dave Chapelle was right in his comedy special when he told the women of #metoo that the men were going to seek revenge- because they have.

I know it’s not in all states but for the states that do have these laws where politicians decide what’s best for mother and baby and not their doctors, it’s frightening. A pregnant woman is really not free any longer. She is a prisoner to the whim of an agenda that isn’t helping anyone. Especially a little boy or girl who runs to mommy’s belly and asks “mommy when is my baby brother or sister coming? And the mother must answer – I’m sorry there will not be a baby – mommy’s belly must stay big  because the men who make the laws say that it has to.

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