Nef Nels: Blue Paper Drape

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The Doctor. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Fiction by Nef Nels, Copyright 2023


Blue Paper Drape


It was that time again. That time of year most women hate. Change your clocks and check your cheeks. Which is a little phrase to help you to remember to get an examination of your girl parts every time we change our clocks. 

This year my appointment was right on time. I woke up feeling randy. That sometimes comes with being single and not having a partner laying next to you every night. 

It was a beautiful day so I chose not to wear a bra as I know I would have to take it off as soon as I reached the doctors office. I also decided to leave my panties home and I chose a soft short skirt to finish my outfit for the day. 

Arriving right on time, the nurse led me to the back. She advised me that my regular doctor was not available and asked if I was ok with his partner doing my exam. I didnt mind. I had seen him around the office for years. Why not I thought. 

I was then led to a small room with a bed a curtain and a gown neatly folded on the paper covered table. 

I took off my shirt and skirt and put on the gown opening in the back as always. I laid down and took notice to the chair that was on the left. The nurse soon came in announced that the doctor would be with me soon and she took her usual seat in the chair. Some years ago, doctors could do exams with just the patient and himself in the room but that changed while I was in my 20s to protect both doctors and patients and I soon learned why. 

Rather quickly a friendly faced doctors came In and began asking me the usual questions my date of birth, last name and if I had any problems to report. I didnt. Other than lack of use of a perfectly good organ. 

He then instructed me to lay down and asked if he could proceed with a breast exam and I agreed. He reached his hand under my gown and rubbed in circles. First one breast then on to the next. The nurse seemed to be preoccupied with her paperwork and he was aware that she was not paying attention. 

He made eye contact with me. He said next we will do the vaginal examine if thats ok. I agreed. He then took a large blue paper and draped if over my legs. Neither the nurse nor I could see what was happening down below. 

He announced that it would be warm and wet. I had been examined many many times before so I prepared my self to be penetrated but that didnt happen. The doctor said relax your legs on these stirrups and take a deep breath. I did as I was told and thats when I felt it. As the nurse fiddled with her paperwork the doctor took that time to insert in finger into me. That can happen during and exam so I was not yet alarmed but then he took the other hand and rubbed some warm extremely slippery liquid on the most sensitive part of a womans body. It felt so good that I could not resist. He didnt stop. Did he know that it had been a long time? He was a master at his craft. He knew exactly the right amount of pressure with one hand and the number of thrusts with the other. 

I couldnt believe what was happening. I had to be strong not to make any noises or moans although I wanted to. And with the nurse sitting right there. Did she know this is what he does? Is she in on it? Does she know how wonderfully accurate he is with every touch? 

He spoke. He said ok This may feel a little cold. That would have been an appropriate thing to say if he was doing an actual exam but he was not- he had one goal and that was to bring me to immense pleasure and he was succeeding. I dont reach that point quietly. When achieved skillfully the extreme pleasure brings me to a place that causes my body to quiver. I think he knew I was struggling to hold back my rupture into a vocal release of total ecstasy. He stopped. No no I thought. I was almost there. To a place I had never been before. His level of knowledge of the female anatomy allowed his to rapidly achieve his goal and access how I would react. 

His final words. Ok. I ran a few test but Id like to see you back in a couple of weeks for a follow up. Panting to catch my breath I said I will be here”. The nurse smiled and left the room and he smiled and said. Enjoy the rest of your day”. 

And that I did!


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