Archive: First Television Profile, KYW TV 1995

This is the first television expose about Tony Ward’s erotic fashion photography in America.  It was aired in Philadelphia on Larry Kane’s Bulletin on KYW TV3 in 1995.  It was the first airing of its kind featuring the work he produced for Vibe Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine. The interview was conducted by Joyce Evans, veteran anchor.  Evans  also interviewed the photographers colleagues including former Vibe creative director Diddo Ramm, Kevin Stewart, fashion director and Elliot Kaplan former editor in chief of Philadelphia Magazine.

Larry Kane’s Bulletin  in Philadelphia holds a significant place in the history of local news broadcasting. Larry Kane, a respected journalist, began his tenure at KYW-TV (channel 3) in Philadelphia in the early 1980s. His presence and contributions to the station brought a fresh perspective to local news coverage in the city.

The Bulletin was a daily news program hosted by Larry Kane, known for its comprehensive coverage of local, national, and international news. Kane’s extensive experience in journalism and his personable on-screen presence made him a trusted figure in Philadelphia’s news landscape.

One of the key features of Larry Kane’s Bulletin was its commitment to in-depth reporting. The program covered a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and human-interest stories. Kane’s interviews with prominent figures and community leaders added depth and insight to the news, earning him a reputation for fair and balanced journalism.

Larry Kane’s Bulletin also played a vital role in keeping Philadelphians informed about major events and issues of the time. Whether it was reporting on local elections, highlighting social challenges, or covering major national and international news stories, the program was a reliable source of information for viewers in the Philadelphia area.

Larry Kane’s tenure at KYW TV3 continued for several years, and his work on the Bulletin left an indelible mark on the local news landscape. His dedication to quality journalism and his ability to connect with the audience made the program a trusted source of news in the region.

While specific details about Larry Kane’s Bulletin on KYW TV3 may be challenging to find in a concise historical account, its impact on local news broadcasting and its role in providing comprehensive and insightful reporting in Philadelphia cannot be understated. Larry Kane’s legacy as a respected journalist continues to influence the field of broadcast journalism, leaving a lasting impression on the industry and the community he served.