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Sex…an important topic from my past!

 What does that even encompass in my early years of life?

 When I was exploring and learning, it was difficult to obtain information. As an only child with two Christian parents, things were challenging. My sources were library books, neighbors, and friends. I was always looking to learn. Until the age of 16 it was quite a sheltered existence. I knew the basics, some of what I liked and didn’t and had more questions about sex than anyone around me could answer.

 Once I was able to drive, my world opened up. There were trips to Planned Parenthood once every few months. Things out of reach like Spencers, certain magazines, and because of VHS tapes, occasionally porn were all obtainable. I would change into different clothes at school, could go out and was always in a corner of the high school making out with my boyfriend or in a basement with him which allowed exploration of each other. He was more experienced. He knew how to please me and I couldn’t get enough.

 My first vibe (complete with batteries) was bought for me by a group of guys that I hung with in my neighborhood. They gave it to me in the cafeteria in the middle of lunch for my birthday. They said, “We think you need it.” and walked away leaving me red faced and horrified that I would get caught with it by a teacher. Discovering a new way to play was very welcome. Happy Sweet Sixteen to me!

I began ordering a few things from Fredrick’s of Hollywood and would get sexy panties and bras whenever I had the money to do so. By my junior year of high school my knowledge of many types of fetishes and sexualities was expanded thanks to stumbling on a collection of stories by Anne Rice. 

With the inspiration to share some fantasies of my own, I would write naughty stories during homeroom and pass them to a few of the boys for “proof reading.” It’s something I did for years. I got caught once. That particular story ended up in the trash. That teacher, newly graduated from college and in his first year of teaching, stopped by my dorm the following year to say hello. I did not oblige him on his obvious infatuation. 

I know who I am. My stories and experiences have shaped me into a confident and sexual woman. A naughty little Vixen.


About The Author:

Meg is a tenacious person. She has a lot of interesting life stories and likes to challenge herself by learning and trying new things. She is an excellent cook and baker. She can make and decorate elaborate cakes.  Health and fitness are a part of her lifestyle. She bought and is living in a foreclosure which she is making her own room by room. She is certified to teach pistol because she believes a woman should be comfortable defending herself. She enjoys hiking and is completing a certification in personal training. She is a badass 50 plus year old woman living life to its fullest. 


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