Lileet_Miriam: Modern Day “Secretary”

Text by Lileet_Miriam, Copyright 2024


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2024


Styling by KVaughn


Modern Day “Secretary”


When I am asked the question, “how did you meet your significant other,” by people who are in the scene, I always find myself devilishly chuckling. “You know the film, Secretary? I met my better half pretty much the exact same way.”

I was fresh out of college, my first “big girl” job in NYC. It was my very first day on the job and I was getting the scoop on the various employees of the firm. Everything seemed to be par for the course until they told me about him. “Oh, he ties women from his ceiling,” was the nonchalant narrative I was provided with – absolutely nothing else. I sat there at lunch, bewildered, since I had never heard of such a thing in my life. From that moment on, every time he walked past my cubicle to be on his merry way to start his day, I quietly said to myself, “I wanna know what you do.”

I finally received the answer to my burning curiosity about him. One day, he offered to treat me to lunch. Here I am, finally sitting with him, one on one. He is handsome, well-spoken, well-mannered, intelligent – his presence alone commands attention and respect. As I sat there, waiting for the right moment to ask what had been preoccupying my mind for months, it was as if he read my mind and simply said, “I am into BDSM.” “Oh, really,” I said, shyly. At the time, I was vanilla, maybe had some kink elements, but didn’t know about the endless possibilities. I had never met anyone like him before who openly talked about a rather private, intimate subject – let alone to a coworker. I was intrigued, definitely interested and as I listened intently, I found myself saying, “please, tell me more.”

I asked him one evening (yes, you read that correctly), if he wanted to hang out and grab a drink. Little did I know that evening out would open the door to this whole other dimension of exploration – the realm of BDSM.

Since we worked together, we found creative ways to enforce our dynamic. Our little secret. In the morning, I would waltz into his office to say, “good morning, Sir.” In response, with a smirk on his face, I was given a butt plug and a small packet of lube. I’d scurry away to the bathroom and upon my return, I gave him my underwear as “collateral,” which he kept in the breast pocket of his suit, right behind his handkerchief and he would respond quietly with, “good girl.” 

The impact those two simple words had on me caused chills up and down my spine. The anticipation of what was to come later that evening when we were to embrace at the end of the work day made my heart pound. How was it possible for this man to have such control over my body and mind that I was so willing and eager to give it up? But, also, how on Earth did I manage to meet this person of all places, at work! 

Much like the movie I so often reference when asked this question, my life followed suit. This once co-worker turned into my dominant who eventually turned into my husband. Who would have thought?

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