Leah Haidar: Friendly Faces


Photography and Text by Leah Haidar, Copyright 2021


Friendly Faces


This body of work includes portraits of my closest friends.  I am titling it “Friendly Faces” because I have truly found my place with them.  We all live in the same hall and live our daily lives together.  We are all remarkably different, yet find common ground in valuing the safe space we have built together.  I wanted to convey my friends as their authentic selves.  In order to do so, I let them choose their own outfits to accurately express themselves.  Besides the occasional brush of one’s hair, or posture adjustment, their presentation was their own.  I decided to capture photographs of my friends at the end of our senior year because it is a very nostalgic time for us all.  I am happy they will be able to hold onto these memories of themselves at Bryn Mawr for one of the last times. 

These photographs were taken outside at some of our favorite spots on Bryn Mawr’s campus including Taft Garden and Rhoads Beach.  Luckily for us, Bryn Mawr has such a beautiful campus that almost every spot would have been perfect for a portrait.  I focused mainly on searching for spots that would best frame my subjects.  I found myself intrigued by bushes and flowers, vines on stone arches, benches, and window reflections.  These interests helped me frame my friends so their backdrop would be as pleasing to look at, as the subjects themselves.  I wanted their background to be bold, but not outshine them.  And because all of my photographs took place outside, I found the best light for my subjects to be right before sunset. 

I really enjoyed learning how to take proper photographs of my friends.  I enjoyed making them laugh and scowl at the camera.  They were really good sports throughout this experience and I hope that their effervescent presence is captured through these photographs.  


About The Author: Leah Haidar graduated Cum Laude from Bryn Mawr College BA in Sociology. Class of 2021

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