A.H. Scott: Just One of the Girls

crossdresser photographed in Hamburg living room
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Just One Of The Girls


Standing before my mirror, a spectacle of burgeoning bliss I see in reflection
Just one of the girls ‘tis I
From fishnets, wig of curly locks, and toe-pinching stilettos that brings forth a happy tear of sigh
Corset tight fills me with delight
Lipstick in the color pink, or maybe a darker rose I think
Softer tones and contented moans
I have muscles a bit bigger than the light feathers most may think of when imagining a girl
But, I don’t care when I dress up for myself in this hidden world
Clara Bow and Greta Garbo are accentuations to my flow
Sumptuous Marlene embodies the tender illumination in this living space of contemplation
Unlike The Blue Angel adorned in a tux
Lace, frills and a feather boa make me feel deluxe
Scattered reels at my feet are gems of classic Celluloid which I adore
Nice to have a few memorable sprockets on my floor
Masterpieces of Lang and von Sternberg’s deft touches are perpetual in my visionary flair
Strands of long pearl necklaces I wear from time to time with a flapper’s dress is a lovely sight when I shimmy about
When I indulge myself here I never pout
Garter and panty of finest fabric and vinyl is my vestment of victory in this private space
Exposure of light and shadow formulate my craft
My imagination never takes a rest
Just me being one of the girls is the best
Aromatics of star anise, cinnamon, and fragrances so sublime are entwined in the atmosphere of my lush abode
Starting my solo dance of seduction in stilettos I strode
Chanteuse’s voice drifts from the gramophone
The Little Sparrow reveals her heart within the words of “C’est L’amour” in that triumphant tone
Michel’s copper spire of Baroque is the beacon I see against a skyline of midnight
To the black! To the red! To the yellow!
I curl and sashay myself within this banner of serene reality
Night in Hamburg is a glorious thing to see
Especially for just another one of the girls who is me

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