Joy Arnold: From Russia With Love, Part 3


Text by Joy Arnold, Copyright 2022


Photography: Tony Ward  – Creative Director: KVaughn – Hair Stylist: Michael Connor. Copyright 2022


From Russia With Love: Part 3


Future: Miss Joy’s Tale


The details of my future are unknown but I feel it’s bright and full of potential.  On the upswing of a quarter life crisis I have less existential dread and the chatter in my mind has calmed to a tone I can keep up with.  Spring is right around the corner and I turn 26 in less than 2 weeks.  I’ve been preparing for longer days of riding, upping my caloric intake and getting my mountain and road bike tuned up.  My heart flutters as I think about the relaxing rides I did last year down to the shore, through the hills of Monroe County and how I can’t wait to make more memories with my friends and loved ones.

As far as my dominatrix career goes, I have a handful of learning and content goals I’m excited to get underway.  It always comes as a pleasant surprise when I’m mid-scene and catch a glimpse of myself creating the energy I saw in scenes on the internet so many years before; this year I’m going to deepen my knowledge of medical play, continue learning shibari and use as many human toilets as possible.  With the help of wonderful subs and friends in the local BDSM scene I’ve got some great scene and photoshoot ideas that are coming to life as I write this.  Sharing the fruits of my labor and growing with the community I love is a true blessing.

I look forward to continuing to embrace the opportunities life presents me and growing as an artist in every facet of the word. Whether I’m painting the skin of a sub with the lashes of a flogger, building my dream bicycles or tooling tirelessly over leather pieces, I will remain humble and grateful for everyday I’m alive. Thank you for reading about my story, and thank you Tony for making it possible to share. 


About The Author: Joy Arnold aka Miss Joy is a Philadelphia based Dominatrix that services clients at her center city studio. She is an avid cyclist and is working on a series of adult toys designed from spare bicycle parts.  This is her first contribution in collaboration with Tony Ward Studio.


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