A.H. Scott: Liberty Ain’t Through With Us Yet!

porn star collage by artist photographer Tony Ward. A.H. Scott?poet/writer
Tony Ward: Porn Star Collage




By A.H. Scott, Copyright 2017


Liberty Ain’t Through With Us Yet!

Liberty ain’t ever had it easy

Some say the old gal’s worn out and way, way over the hill

Liberty ain’t no shrinking violet

Never has been and never will

Liberty’s thirst for her conviction’s core always remains on the lookout to be filled

Liberty has taken a breather, but never a permanent vacation

And, now so you know…. Liberty ain’t even gonna cease her flow

Grabbin’ hypocrites by the nuts

She strokes the amendments to fortify their will

This lady knows exactly how to get what she’s gotta get

Liberty ain’t through with us yet!

From coast to coast, when the gauntlet of the fight for what is right was taken up most, Liberty did not stand by herself

Liberty is not a soul alone

She has relations that have a passion for justice to the marrow borne

Sisters, brothers, old, and young, have all heeded the melody of Liberty’s song

Ladies of the list are too many to name

But, here are a few that are tapped with that acclaim

Elizabeth, Harriet, Margaret, Rosa, Coretta, Betty, Rachel, Fannie Lou, Dolores, Marian, Gloria, Bella, and there’s even Ruth, too

For the gents of the list, it is also the same

Frederick, Homer, Martin, Mose, Medgar, Cesar, and Harvey are only a teensy smattering of memorable fellas

As Old Glory is unfurled Liberty applauds them all

Revere’s ride, Henry’s heralded call

Signatures of ink upon parchment in Independence Hall

Quilt of yesteryear is soaked with many a drop of crimson and tear

Money, Mississippi and that states’ county of Neshoba, too

Organizing for rights of the working souls, Liberty is united with them all

From coal miners in Appalachia to farm workers beneath the broiling sun

Seneca, Stonewall, 16th Street

A bridge of justice in Selma could not be destroyed by intolerance’s wall

Liberty has seen it all

Vocal resistance of those outside of that red brick face let it be known they weren’t going to be silenced anymore

Upstate New York was locale of the convention of the fairer sex

These ladies proved once again that they weren’t in a weak effect

Liberty has seen it all

Zuccatti Park and Standing Rock

Liberty’s watch of dissent’s swirl is never off the clock

4 little girls, 3 men of youth

Liberty holds open the doors of truth

Liberty explored the taste of justice’s expansive embrace from the rulings of Brown v. Board of Ed, Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas

Marshall, Weddington, Smith, Boies and Olson cannot be forgotten without a respectful note

Theirs were the hands who shepherded landmark cases up the granite steps

So, let’s talk about today, this moment, this precise second of time

From sea to shining sea, we inhale the succulent scent of sweet Liberty

Colorado evergreen to Montpelier maple, Liberty tickles our senses

Liberty saunters along freedom’s path, as her ally Constitution holds her dainty hand

Liberty slyly holds it down, even as The Sourpuss clings with miniscule claws for the crown

Moniker he wears, is as interchangeable as his mask

Venomous forces of phobic fanaticism are the shroud of gathering clouds attempting annihilation of the rainbow of hope, emancipation, and commiseration

Liberty’s tongue tangos with the tartness and intricacy of dialects, accents, and flavors

Liberty absorbs the richness of cultures, both near and far

Constrictions, conflictions, and damnable contradictions fly with a vulture’s velocity from The Paunchy Pugilist of Hubristic Humility’s gold-leafed nest

The Paunchy Pugilist of Hubristic Humility blathers on and on about he being the only one to fill the breach

Liberty takes her place at the arrivals gate, holding a peace sign with one hand as a warm welcome and a middle finger aimed at a judicially ruled, unconstitutional executive order in the other

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

He thinks he is anointed

This bloviator’s thuggish act of folly is so damned disjointed

Alternative facts are just verbal Ex-Lax

Softening the bullshit from the finely paid lips of parallel propagandists of batting eyelash and combative stance in a briefing room

They don’t let truth block their spiel

Facts are facts

And, lies are lies

Intractable reality for them truly bites

No matter how falsely moral they set their sights

Liberty ain’t turning a blind eye

Holding fast to the history is where her beauty actually lies

Reverberation of a tic- tock of the past hovers across the land, as shades of tyranny’s slither slowly envelopes the golden torch held in Liberty’s resolute hand

The Paunchy Pugilist of Hubristic Humility is Hell-bent on crushing all in his wake to conform in a crate

Hold on, wee King of many a gold coin!

Hold on, those who think they stand victorious in the ring!

Liberty ain’t through with us yet!

Liberty struts with a beacon’s pride as she glides into the ring

Adorned in pussyhat and red stilettos, Liberty’s flexing her muscles

She knows nothing is easily won

You think Liberty’s flame is going to be bum-rushed and extinguished

Oh, Hell no!!

Liberty ain’t through with us yet!

With confidence and flair, Liberty has only a few words to bid you adieu

Liberty has seen the long view of history, through and through

Edificial addiction is so damn lame

Satisfaction of yours seems only to be attained by getting off on the magnification of your name

Making an attempt at always announcing that you are biggest in the game

So, as sure as the sun rises and the sun will set, here is one sure bet

Liberty ain’t through with us yet!


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here: http://tonywardstudio.com/blog/h-scott-childhood-memories/



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