A.H. Scott: Wavelength

photo of sexy young black woman wearing bikini in a suburban back yard
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2022




Blue sky above, wicker basket, plastic cooler, boom-box, and a breeze ever so light
Nice day for a backyard picnic as this day winds down to night
Tablecloth of checkered green and white with napkins of the same design laid out on the grass by the patio deck
I grab the sunscreen and toss it over to you, “Will you do me, babe?”
Without missing my vibe, you flipped the top and squirted that sunscreen on your hands and then all over me
I took the sunscreen from your hands and did you the same
First, some nibbling on lobster rolls and fresh fruit to keep up our energy in this heat
Inside that filled ice cooler on a resin table on the deck are a few bottles of water, beer and a can of soda or two
Fanta was mine, as Corona was yours
We relaxed on the grass for a brief spell of time, just taking in the rays
I finished my soda and kissed you on the cheek, then I reached into the basket and took out a Luigi cherry ice
”Reminds me of old times, seeing you with that cherry ice”, you smiled
Small wooden spoon scooped out a tiny portion and I placed it in my mouth, “Sweet as ever is what I’m talking about”.
As soon as it hit my tongue, I swallowed and our eyes met
Cherry ice was finished by us both
Surface of present had been breached
You stood up and I followed your lead, as neither of us said a peep
Your lips against mine and mine against yours
Tasting that cherry flavor that lingers on our tongues
Kisses along your neck
Those hands of yours taking that journey over inches of my body
Oh, so this is how it’s gonna’ be
Oh yeah, honey, you know just how to get to me
Squeeze of breasts beneath blue fabric held by each of your palms
So damn hot this summer is turning out to be
I run the tip of my tongue slowly across your left nipple and my fingernails down your chest
You respond with a quick pat on my ass and I know I’m in for a blast
Deck partially shaded by an apple tree
Our picnic is really heating up
Butterflies flittering above our heads
We laugh and kiss once more
We both are excited for that first impression of intimacy
Not just of you partaking of my flesh
Not just of me making you rise
My core of desire combined with yours to boot
Your words never shallow
The sound of your voice like a soothing balm
I’m so excited to be with you, but I better keep calm
Absorbing one another
With you, emancipated from coy restraint is effortless
I gently bite my bottom lip and sigh, “Baby, don’t stop”.
Baby blue string bikini on bottom and top
Your right pinky finger at my hip makes it depart
Hooked fabric around that digit motions like a downward sail onto that patio deck
I kick off my sandals and they slide towards the porch swing
You take me by the hand and we embrace
Single ice cube taken from that cooler into your right hand
I sit down onto the swing and bless the heavens that you are my man
Cube drifts downward slowly between my thighs and I open them wider to get that most delicious surprise
Diamond of mine greets that melting ice, as I exhale with wanted relief
You lick your lips and watch with delight
I laughed, “Your idea for this picnic was right on target”.
Slyly replying, “Yeah, sweet lady, it definitely hit the spot”.
I sigh as cube goes bye-bye
Wet, I am and not just because of that ice
You always know how to go deep and make me feel so nice
That place you touch so deep inside of me without insistence
You know how to get to me with affection’s persistence
Copasetic is how we roll
It’s that depth of connection which tantalizes our core
Signals are never mixed when we know what we want
Mutual pleasure is that ultimate treasure
You are a man of distinction and matured might
Darling man, you have more than enough steam pumping from your engine
All pistons firing, as our muscles entangle in this sultry sunset
Droplets of sweat
Baby, how good could it get?
Better by the moments we share
Those hands of yours on my torso, as my fingers tap along your strong shoulders
You released my torso and stretched your fingers over to the boom-box and pressed play
As those sprockets began to revolve, I slowly undulated on top of you
You always know how to thrill me and could tell what I was in the mood for
Wise man you are
The way that you stare makes it oh so clear
Dark brown curls fan out around my shoulders as I kiss you once, twice, thrice and more
You are a man that I love to explore
Neo-soul’s left me cold
I’m thinking something to take a deeper toll
I can see that you’re cravin’ it, too
Yet, what I need right now is that full bodied musical brew
Al Green’s dulcet hum or strain of guitar string is what I’m talking about
Speaking of strings, come on baby unknot the one on my baby blue bikini top
I’m going back into that groove of when music was music
Let’s play, let’s stay, let’s make this fervency of fascination never drift away
Masterpiece is what I seek
And, here we are on the same wavelength of wonder
Not distilled in a book of distant thoughts of days gone by
Yet, a reemerged ecstasy of maturity that could make some whippersnapper’s cry
There is this thing, between you and me, honey
It is that thing which no one else can see
A sound? A scent? A flavor of yesteryear? Something we both reap?
Maybe even silly jokes we keep
Yes, that is the thing which is ever so deep
Smokin’ brass intro of Green’s riff on the Tempting Temps brings me to a heightened state
We both remember where we were the first time we heard it and both start to contemplate
Was it that night in Frisco?
Or, at that Miami disco?
Really doesn’t matter, as we are together right now
I start to muss up your slicked back hair
You start to brush those skillful hands against my hips
My hands pull your shorts off and reveal your excitement
Your pride feels nice to the touch, as I want you inside of me oh so much
Without haste, you oblige my request, as we enjoy the splendor of one another on that oversized porch swing
Slowly it moved back and forth, as our bodies made contact again and again
Sun’s going down and I want to do the same to you
I moved from beneath you and took your note in right hand, as my lips met the moment that was ever so grand
You are the gent with such charm, as your note was rising, you decided to play my chord a bit
I sat onto that swing and just rocked to the rhythm of your mouth taking that journey of pleasure below
Oh, I hit a few high notes of my own, as our quest for satisfaction was like a rocket blasting off
We changed places and I was on top, as your sturdy frame kept that swing on a riveting pace
As I glided with your body, I was enraptured in a daydream
Sounds of birds returning to their nests for an evening’s rest were heard as I gazed downward into your eyes
Then nature took its’ course and I motioned in a heavenly crumple alongside you onto that swing without remorse
I don’t know what came over me, but thank God you just did
Silky and slick, you are my bold volcano that always outdoes yourself
The words you whisper as I rest head upon your chest, “Nice to know that we are always on the same wavelength”
I take a quick breath and reply, “Our melody of joy is consistently set”
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and senior contributor to Tony Ward’s blog. 

Mikala Mikrut: Self(less/ish) 

Beautiful 25 year old wearing heart dress and little hearts on her face
Mikala Mikrut. Wild at Heart 2022


Poetry by Mikala Mikrut, Copyright 2022




You pleasure women when it’s convenient for you

When it leads to what you really want

When she’s done at your will

But I required your trust

Which you never bothered to earn

Weaponizing your incompetence so I could never hold you accountable 

You asked about my past 

And never bothered to connect

That telling you was one thing

But letting anyone have any control over my body 

Is something that has never happened since

It may be in defense

It may be in self preservation 

Either way my subconscious knows you weren’t worthy 

No one has been

Not yet

They want to squeeze with no intent to please 

And that’s fine 

But they can’t claim that they’ll ever be as close to me as my abuser

Because he stole the only thing I didn’t know could be stolen

I’ve never trusted anyone since 

And maybe it’s for the best

I haven’t been more hurt

I don’t know if I’d be able to survive it again

To lose everything 


By trying to keep peace

No good deed goes unpunished 

And ever since then

I’ve only been punished

For being a child 

For trusting

So I grew up fast

Responsible and dependable 

It’s lonely

So lonely

I’m lonely

And now the pain has numbed to the point that I hurt the people who thought I trusted them

They’re hurt because they never knew me in the first place

Seeing me as a saint when in reality I’m a coward hiding behind my good deeds

If I give back enough in the world

I think maybe

The world will offer me back a little piece of my innocence 

But I know

It’s gone

So gone

I’m gone

I find myself in little moments with him

But he’s not mine

And I know he probably never will be

So when he leaves

I simply have to be grateful for the slivers of myself he gave back

Splinters of the oak I once was

I suppose at least I have something

When others have nothing 

So I’ll be grateful

And frame the splinters among the good memories 

As the haunting waits for him to leave 

When it’s finally time to consume the rest of me

I may be bound to a destination of darkness 

But I can’t be afraid to live 

Even if that is my fate

I must endure the journey regardless 

And I’ll try to not let it be tainted by pride

But it’s starting to get exhausting

To be okay

All the time

I will be okay

And it is fine

But sometimes I’d like to be asked first

If I’m available for the rant

Ready for the burden

Reciprocal to the expectations about to be bestowed upon me

I like to think I meet them

Most of the time

But I’m tired none the less

And I don’t want you to worry your pretty head

Because you wouldn’t be able to handle me the as I handle you

I thrive in selflessness in a way I have yet to see anyone else do

It’s all I know

An addiction to keep myself safe

Engrained in me from protecting my protectors 

I failed once

And I will not fail again 

I can’t 

I don’t have enough people to lose this time

So I have no choice but to keep it together 

And I’m too weak to question if that’s for them

Or me

Because if it is for me

It’ll be the only thing in my entire life I do for myself


About The Author: Mikala Mikrut is a regular contributor to Tony Ward’s blog. To access additional articles by Mikala Mikrut, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/mikala-mikrut-im-recyclable/

Milan Burnett: The Lovers

.The Lovers Tarot Card

Text by Milan Burnett.  All Rights Reserved.


Photographs by Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

The Lovers.

Major Arcana Number 6.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Depiction based on the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, published in December, 1909. Illustrated

by Pamela Colman Smith.


Most commonly depicted by a man and a woman, standing completely nude in a setting reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, we have the sixth card in traditional tarot. The Lovers. The woman stands naked in front of an apple tree, wrapped with a snake, representing the temptations of worldly thoughts and behaviors. The man, also naked, stands across from her, with a scorched tree of flames behind him, representing the burning passions of life and love. Above the two individuals in this card, the Sun shines behind an angel-like figure, who seems to emerge from a cloud, representing the presence of Divine Spirit, or the Universe. Whether it be a business partnership, or a relationship (A relationship normally being the case), a major soulmate connection brought together by the Divine is at play when the Lovers card makes an appearance. This card can also indicate an important choice needing to be made, one with lasting effects over time.

If an individual is inquiring about a particular relationship, and the Lovers card appears, it is a strong indicator that there is much more than a mere crush, or surface level attraction. An intense, passionate, spiritual bond is in the works. The perfect union of two balanced, harmonious spirits with shared values and beliefs, coming together as one. A true soulmate. Considering the man and woman are both fully naked in original depictions, this card also indicates raw, open and honest communication. The two figures in this card are in their most vulnerable states, allowing for complete transparency between one another. Pulling this card is a sign that a fulfilling relationship, or partnership, is on the horizon straight from the Divine. This will be built not on infatuation, but from genuine love, respect, moral values, honesty, and trust.

Though the Lovers card is heavily regarded in love, the appearance of this card can also signify that one’s values and beliefs are being tested, and it is time to make a decision. Good or bad decisions are subjective, so it is time to decide what core values mean the most to you, stay true to them, and make choices accordingly. Being true to yourself in any circumstance is guaranteed to breed the best results. However, temptation is always nearby, waiting to prey on the weak willed. This is represented by the snake in the apple tree behind the naked woman on this card. She gazes upwards to the angel-like figure for guidance. Pulling the Lovers card brings a message of choosing yourself and doing what is best for you morally to obtain harmony and balance. Trust in yourself, your values, and the divine timing of the Universe, as it will never lead you astray.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Milan is originally from New York, now residing in Philadelphia. Aspiring model and real estate broker. Free thinker. Humanitarian by nature. Spiritual revolutionary in the making. To access previous articles by Milan Burnett, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/milan-burnett-my-thoughts-about-sex/

Bob Shell: Censorship Rears its Ugly Head in Virginia

Topless beauty in hotel room photographed by Tony Ward
Isabella. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

Text by Bob Shell, Copyright 2022


Censorship Rears its Ugly Head in Virginia


Tonight, June 14, 2022, I got a publication disapproval notice for the June issue of ‘Rolling Stone.’ A very good friend recently gave me a subscription and this was my first issue on that subscription.

It was disapproved for “Material that contains nudity. The showing (human or cartoon) of the male or female genitals, pubic area, female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of the areola, or male or female buttocks with less than a full opaque covering of the anus.”

I photographed nudes starting in the 1960s for more than forty years. I’ve seen countless female breasts. Seeing one now is somehow going to cause me harm? And note that it’s only seeing female breasts that will hopelessly corrupt me! I can see topless photos of Vladimir Putin day in and day out. Men have nipples and areolae, too!
I remember seeing an article years ago featuring a number of closeup photos of nipples, challenging the reader to identify which were male and which were female. It was impossible to tell. As I recall, one or two weren’t even human.
Sexual discrimination is illegal, so how does the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) get away with having such a blatantly sexist policy? Are we living in some restrictive theocracy. Will the VDOC next impose Sharia Law?

The magazine was also disapproved for “Material that depicts, describes, or promotes gang bylaws, initiations, organizational structure, codes or other gang-related activity or association.”

I’m a 75 year old white man. I’m going to join a gang??? Wonder if there’s one called ‘Hell’s Geezers?’ Is there a southwest Virginia chapter?

The man who signed the disapproval is the ‘OM’ the same man who recently disapproved ‘The Week’, my weekly news magazine, for showing gang symbols. Fairly new on that job, I think. Maybe he should consider relocating to Iran. There are probably many jobs open there for censors.

‘Rolling Stone’ contains important political articles and stories about culture. It is often quoted in other media. It is a highly influential journal that I’ve been reading since the 1960s and often features cutting edge photography.

I plan to contact Rolling Stone’s legal people. Maybe they would like to slap the VDOC down for ignoring the US Constitution. The US Supreme Court has held that freedom of the press contains the right to read. Censorship is unconstitutional! It must be stopped wherever it rears its slimy, reeking head!


About The Author: Bob Shell is a professional photographer, author and former editor in chief of Shutterbug Magazine. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Marion Franklin, one of his former models.  He is serving the 13th year of his sentence at Pocahontas State Correctional Facility, Virginia. To read Bob Shell’s, first essay on civil war, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/bob-shell-my-photographic-philosophy/

Amanda Stevenson: A Career as a Female Photographer

Text by Amanda Stevenson, Copyright 2022


A Career as a Female Photographer


My mother was a professional model, I preferred to be on the other side of the camera. I was given my first camera at age 12 and haven’t put it down since. I was fortunate to observe and work with many great photographers through my mothers connections. I choose to be a commercial photographer because it was a creative field that I could make a living and be an independent woman. 

After studying commercial photography at college I landed my first full time job in Switzerland as a staff photographer for a pharmaceutical company. What a trip that was! They were very traditional and had been using the same equipment since World War II. This seemed like an opportunity to introduce them to quicker, easier equipment and techniques. But they were not open to any new ideas. And I got the feeling that in an all male work environment they were not interested in learning from a woman. How could a young 20 year old American woman be able to teach them anything? It was a male dominated business and for the most part still is, though now there are many prominent Woman photographers that have made their mark in the commercial photography industry, like Annie Leibowitz, Ellen von Unwerth, Daniela Federici, Sarah Moon and so many more past and current commercial and fine art female photographers. 

This work experience in Switzerland put me on the path to learn how female photographers handled the predominately male work force. So I headed to NYC but It wasn’t easy trying to get hired to be an assistant to a female photographer, they all had men working for them. And who doesn’t like to be around young strong handsome men? My first attempts at interviewing for an assistant position were all ejections. So I had a new plan, I was going to dress like a man (wearing a tub top under my baggy t-shirt and I cut my hair short) very androgynous and calling myself Charlie. That didn’t work either, I think they knew I was a woman. Now in our transgender climate, maybe it would be much easier. Plan B, I decided to hype up the fact that I was a woman and marched into Annie Leibowitz’s studio in my black & white poke dot “power suite” of course it was a skirt and jacket, very 1980’s Joan Collins. Leibovitz thought I was crazy arriving at the interview in clothes that I clearly could not lug heavy equipment or crawl around rigging lights and gear. But it worked, I had a freelance gig with a female photographer, and the best in the world in the 1990’s. I was assisting all over NYC and Philly and ended up working for a very talented untrained Spanish female photographer. One day she wigged out and didn’t show up for work. The clients asked me if I would do the photography. It was my lucky break and I worked for them for the next 7yrs. I was officially a working photographer with my own studio and getting new clients every month. To this day I pride myself on negotiating like a man, no emotion, all business and use my feminine style when meeting clients. Of course I try to hire an all female staff. I still have my studio where I work and play everyday! 


About The Author: Amanda Stevenson is a professional photographer having over 25 years of experience. Amanda uses her diligent nature and artistic vision to collaborate with her clients to display the still and video imagery in various publications and exhibitions around the world. To learn more about Amanda Stevenson photographic services, click herehttps://amandastevensonphoto.com


Portraits of Amanda Stevenson by Tony Ward. Creative Direction by KVaughn,. Photographers assistant, Anthony Colagreco. Copyright 2022.