Mikala Mikrut: A Girl

Portrait of Tony Ward Studio writer and model Mikala Mikrut for The Vixens Series
Mikala Mikrut. The Vixens Series. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023.

Poetry by Mikala Mikrut, Copyright 2023


A Girl


In the depths of my longing, I dared to believe in my worth, Foolishly hoping for reciprocated affection, For if I could embrace myself, perhaps someone else could too.

Then reality crashed upon me, relentless and harsh, Unveiling my lack of desirability, Unmasking the futility of my hopes.

Why did I delude myself into thinking anything had shifted?

What delusion fed my fleeting confidence, rupturing my pragmatic vision?

When did I start weaving webs of “hope” and “possibility”?

As a girl, taught to tread cautiously, such sentiments should have been alien.

Yet, there I stood, lost in fantasies of a future meant for another girl.

 A girl who is beautiful.

A girl who is smart, caring and interesting.

A girl that is healed enough to refer to herself as a woman.


About The Author: Mikala Mikrut is a regular contributor to Tony Ward’s blog. To access additional poetry by Mikala Mikrut, click here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/bob-shell-my-continuing-publishing-saga/

Fiction: The First Date

a beautiful blond exposes her beautiful legs when she gets in to the back seat of a car while her date looks on
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Fiction: The First Date


Text by ChatGBT


In the enchanting city of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower glistened like a jewel against the night sky, a story of romance was about to unfold. Sarah, a confident and captivating woman with a heart full of wanderlust, found herself on a night out that would forever remain etched in her memory.

Dressed in a stunning pink blazer that accentuated her curves and highlighted her blond hair, Sarah exuded an aura of allure as she strolled through the bustling streets. Her smokey eyes held a glint of mischief, and her Christian Louboutin heels clicked rhythmically against the cobblestone pavement. The night was young, and Paris was alive with possibilities.

As she made her way to a quaint bistro, Sarah’s heart raced with anticipation. She had agreed to meet a date there, someone she had been chatting with for weeks. The thrill of the unknown combined with the allure of the city’s romantic ambiance made her pulse quicken.

Once inside the bistro, Sarah’s eyes scanned the room until they landed on a handsome man sitting by the window. His smile was warm and inviting, sending a surge of excitement through her. The night was off to a promising start.

After an evening filled with laughter, delicious cuisine, and shared stories, Sarah and her date decided to take a leisurely stroll along the Seine River. The moonlight cast a gentle glow upon the water, setting the perfect backdrop for their blossoming connection.

As they reached the Pont des Arts, a famous bridge adorned with love locks, the air was thick with the promise of romance. Sarah leaned against the railing, her pink blazer billowing slightly in the night breeze, and her date stood beside her, his presence both comforting and exhilarating.

Their conversation flowed effortlessly, a symphony of shared dreams and aspirations. With each passing moment, their connection deepened. The atmosphere was electric, and the chemistry between them undeniable.

As the night wore on, Sarah extended an invitation that surprised even her. “Would you like to see something special?” she asked, her voice laced with a hint of playfulness.

Intrigued, her date agreed, and Sarah led him toward a vintage car parked nearby. Opening the door, she gestured for him to take a seat in the back. With a mischievous smile, she bent over to retrieve something from the back seat, allowing her vintage thigh-high stockings to catch his eye.

His gaze traveled up her curvy figure, his heart racing as he took in the sight before him. Sarah’s confidence was intoxicating, her allure irresistible. As she straightened up and turned to face him, their eyes locked in a passionate gaze that spoke volumes without words.

In that intimate moment, surrounded by the enchantment of Paris and the intimacy of the vintage car, Sarah and her date felt the undeniable pull of desire. The night was a canvas upon which their connection painted a masterpiece of longing and attraction.

As the clock struck midnight, Sarah and her date shared a lingering kiss, a promise of more to come. The night had begun with a casual meeting, but it had transformed into a chapter of their story that neither would ever forget.

Under the starlit sky, in the heart of Paris, two souls found each other in the most unexpected of ways—a night chat that blossomed into an unforgettable romance.

Editor’s Note: For an article by ChatGBT on gender affirming care, link here: https://tonywarderotica.com/gender-affirming-care-a-case-for-legalization-across-all-states-in-america/

Gender Affirming Care: A Case for Legalization Across All States in America

transgender male with beautiful face and long blond hair
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by ChatGbt


Edited by Tony Ward


Gender Affirming Care: A Case for Legalization Across All States in America


Gender affirming care refers to medical treatments and interventions that affirm and support an individual’s gender identity. It encompasses a range of procedures, including hormone therapy, surgeries, and mental health support, which can greatly alleviate gender dysphoria and promote the overall well-being of transgender individuals. In this essay, we will explore the concept of gender affirming care and argue why it should be legalized for individuals who require such care in every state across America.

Understanding Gender Affirming Care: Gender identity is a deeply personal and integral aspect of an individual’s sense of self. For transgender people, aligning their physical appearance with their gender identity is vital for their mental health and overall quality of life. Gender affirming care aims to bridge the gap between an individual’s gender identity and their physical body through various interventions.

Hormone therapy is one of the primary forms of gender affirming care. It involves the administration of hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone, to align an individual’s secondary sexual characteristics with their gender identity. This treatment can lead to significant improvements in mental health outcomes, reducing depression, anxiety, and suicidality among transgender individuals.


Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


Surgical procedures, such as gender confirmation surgeries (commonly known as “top” and “bottom” surgeries), are also part of gender affirming care. These surgeries allow individuals to modify their bodies to better align with their gender identity. They can provide relief from gender dysphoria, increase self-esteem, and improve overall psychological well-being.

Legalization and Access to Care: While some states in America have recognized the importance of gender affirming care and have taken steps to ensure its availability, others still lack comprehensive laws and regulations regarding this matter. The lack of consistent access to gender affirming care can lead to severe consequences for transgender individuals, including increased mental health disparities, reduced quality of life, and even increased rates of self-harm and suicide.

Legalizing gender affirming care across all states in America is essential to ensure equal access to healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity. Denying transgender people access to necessary medical treatments not only violates their right to autonomy and self-determination but also perpetuates discrimination and marginalization. It is crucial for state legislatures to recognize the medical consensus that supports gender affirming care and enact laws that protect the rights of transgender individuals.

Critics of legalizing gender affirming care often argue that it is a matter of personal choice and that individuals should bear the financial burden themselves. However, denying coverage for these medically necessary treatments places an undue burden on transgender individuals, who often face higher rates of unemployment, discrimination, and limited access to healthcare overall. Legalization would ensure that gender affirming care is accessible through insurance coverage, Medicaid, and other public health programs, reducing financial barriers and promoting equality.


transgender male looking sexy in the camera topless with tease underwear
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023.

Tony Ward: A Tribute to Helmut Newton

tall nude beautiful model photo by Tony Ward
A Tribute to Newton. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 1993

Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


A Tribute to Helmut Newton


Like most photographers of my generation who got involved in photography in the early 1970’s I was influenced by the work of Helmut Newton.  I came across his photography in 1977 while visiting a fashion exhibition at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. It was a group show that also included the work of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Chris von Waggenheim, Hiro and other giants of fashion photography during that era.

I had the pleasure of meeting Helmut Newton and his wife June in Paris in the year 2000 while Helmut and I coincidentally were both checking in at the swanky Royal Monceau., located in the 8th arrondissement. Helmut was known for staying at the luxurious hotel when on assignment in Paris.

For those that are not familiar with his work, Helmut Newton was a German-Australian photographer who rose to fame in the 1960s for his provocative and controversial fashion photography. Born in Berlin in 1920, he spent his early years studying photography at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Berlin.

During World War II, Newton fled to Australia, where he began his career as a photographer and also was where he met June, who became a lifelong companion. He worked for various fashion magazines and advertising agencies, developing a unique style that was both erotic and dramatic.

Newton’s work often featured female models in fetishistic poses, and his use of high contrast lighting and bold compositions made his images stand out. His photographs were often criticized for their objectification of women, but Newton maintained that he was celebrating female power and sexuality.

In the 1970s, Newton moved to Paris, where he continued to work for top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. He became known for his portraits of famous celebrities, including Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Salvador Dali.

Newton’s photographs often had a cinematic quality, with their use of strong narrative elements and dramatic lighting. He also experimented with new techniques, such as the use of Polaroid film and large-format cameras, which gave his images a unique and timeless quality.

In the 1990s, Newton published a series of books that showcased his work, including “Sumo,” a limited-edition volume that weighed 66 pounds and was the largest book ever produced at the time. He continued to work until his death in 2004, when he was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Despite the controversy surrounding his work, Helmut Newton remains one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 20th century. His images continue to inspire and challenge viewers, and his legacy lives on through the many photographers he has influenced including myself.


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A.H. Scott: Whatever Santa Brings

Photo: Tony Ward. Copyright 2022

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2022


Whatever Santa Brings


Santa, baby
Oh yeah, that tune has such a ring of memories of our mid-20’s fling
Working at FAO over that holiday of years long ago
You were in stock and I worked the register, but whenever we got the chance we’d kiss under the staff room’s mistletoe
Those lips of yours were like a gift to me
As mine to yours were a present so true
Even beyond being man and wife for more than a decade, the passion still simmers
Couldn’t wait for the last customer to leave, so we could close up the store
Turning the key into the lock of our place, our jackets were placed in the hall closet and I plugged in the Christmas tree to watch those colors flickering on and off in a flashing pulsation
We’ve been so busy back at the store that season we’d left contents of a box of decorations spread across the living room floor near the Christmas tree with lights blinking
You came up behind me and wrapped those strong arms around my waist
“You smell like evergreen pine”, I giggled to you.
That voice of yours was ever relaxing to my ears, “I helped place some wreaths around the front of the store”.
“Honey, you know that scent is something that I adore”, I couldn’t resist inhaling deeply. I turned around and we kissed, for we never lost the magic of this season
Time for reflection, time for renewal
Our clothes went the way of summer, as if disappeared under the glisten of the rainbow of illumination’s glow
My breasts and my hips were adored by your hands and lips
Never selfish with my desire to make you know how I feel about being with you
Right hand of mine caressed your hip and aroused asset, as my lips met your mark
So good, so right, this is such a special night
Christmas Eve came and so did we
Bodies reclined against the piles of red and green satin ribbons was our warm reverie
Within a week a new 365 is going to begin for us
Sounds of carolers down the avenues of this city that never sleeps kept us abuzz
I kissed you and whispered my thanks for your loving me so much
You smiled and said you loved the way I could capture your jingle bells in a clutch
Oh yeah, Santa, I can be naughty in that way and such
No box wrapped in ribbons so fine could ever be compared to you
I believe in miracles and now here we are together under twinkling Christmas lights
Some may wonder how long can a person wait for whatever Santa brings
From the first time we made love to this night of ensued joy, we know in our hearts that it isn’t a given
We know that magic of love’s dreams never dies or fades
You and I together are the bee’s knees
Happy New Year, baby!


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet and essayist based in New York City and senior contributor to Tony Ward’s blog.  For additional articles by A.H. Scott, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-night-angel/