Repost: Bonnie Rotten Interview

Portrait of porn star Bonnie Rotten wearing lingerie
Bonnie Rotten. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Repost: Bonnie Rotten Interview


I first published this interview of Bonnie Rotten in 2013 while she was on tour of the sex clubs in and around the Philadelphia region. At the time, she was dating  Jack Spade, a friend of mine  who modeled for me during the Penthouse days.  Jack and I have kept in touch over the years so he called to let me know they were in town. He asked that I meet Bonnie and arrange a photo shoot and interview for this blog.  Over the past eight years hence, Bonnie has attracted a large group of fans in the adult entertainment industry and currently has two million followers on Instagram: @officialbonnierotten.

Because of her rising popularity over the past 8 years I decided to repost the very informative and insightful interview I conducted during the time she modeled for me at the beginning of her career.

The Interview was conducted on July 27th, 2013:


TW: I’ve reviewed several of your scenes, obviously you are not bashful or shy.  At the age of 19, you immersed yourself in the adult industry. Did you make the right choice?

BR: Honestly yes I do. In my hometown I didn’t quite fit in and always felt like and  outcaste because of my promiscuity with the boys and girls in my school and what not. The adult industry gives me a place where I feel accepted and loved for what I do. I am passionate about my films and scenes and feel its important to make each and every one EPIC.

TW: What have you  learned about the industry thus far that you would like to share with your fans?

BR: That it’s not just showing up to set and spreading your legs. I make an effort To go out of my way to make each scene better than the last, thats how you get remembered, and to be accessible to your fans and never forget they are the ones who decide how long you are going to be around and in demand. 

TW:  You appear to be very engaged with social media with 100,000 followers on Twitter. What do you like to tweet about?

BR: I am! I love social media and talking to my fans. I tweet about upcoming projects, movie releases, what I’m doing all day. As well as cute funny candid photos and funny videos of my daily life.

TW:  When you are asked to perform a scene in a movie, are there any limitations as to what type of scene you will perform?

BR: I am pretty crazy and love to push my limits, there isn’t much I won’t do, but there are a few things I haven’t done yet!  Such as double this and double that, lol

TW: Do you select your lover or lovers for the each scene? Or is the casting the directors choice?

BR: I have my preferences because I want the viewer to see the passion and connection with me and my partner. I also try to pick them most of the time and have creative influence on the nature of the scene.

TW: What inspired you to adorn your body with tattoo’s? Which one is your favorite?

BR: I would have to say that my stomach is my favorite!!!!!! He was my first tattoo and he is a zombie from a comic book “night of the living dead: the beginning” issue number 1! I named him Henry πŸ™‚

TW:  What is the funniest think you can recall happening during the making of and adult film? What was the saddest?

BR:  Lol…well this is a story many know. I was shooting an anal scene with a guy and another girl and we decided to make it romantic.. So I suggest we bring out the whipped cream and strawberries. Well we shoved whole strawberries and injected whip cream up my bum so I could cover the other gals face and make her my strawberry shortcake. The guy started fucking my ass and a strawberry got stuck :(!!! I was upset and a little paranoid.. But it came out a few days later lol.

TW:  What advice would you give any male or female 20 year old that is considering to enter the adult industry?

BR:  My advice to them would be: never do anything you don’t want to do. That’s a serious thing, this business Is big and people can influence you. But always do what you feel is right for you or else you may not be happy with the results. I also suggest making everything epic and special… You never know what how it could benefit or who will see your performance. 

TW:  Where would you like to be on your 21st birthday?

BR: I’m not sure! Maybe Vegas πŸ˜‰ I would love to pursue my DJ Rotten career in the next year and pump up the stage in LV on my 21st!!!! I gotta get to work πŸ˜‰

TW:   How did you decide on your stage name?

BR: Bonnie Rotten is a Pin up zombie alter ego I came up with and tattooed on my leg. I started pin up modeling and needed a fun name so I chose Bonnie Rotten  and it just stayed with me  , it’s also VERY appropriate πŸ˜‰


Portrait of adult star Bonnie Rotten with fan
TW assistant Anthony Colagreco reviewing video footage of Bonnie Rotten. July , 2013.

A.H. Scott: Hymn of the Hummingbird

Woman in Las Vegas hotel room in bondage sex scene
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Hymn of the Hummingbird


Hummingbird flitters in gold cage nearby
Sounds of whispers and laughter swirl about
I don’t know whether I should cry out
You peaked my interest and I volunteered
Now, a glint of yellow up my spine has appeared
Once you asked me if I was prepared
I was vanilla with skin to match
You are a man of unbound experience whose eyes I was able to catch
My first time will be a true test
Test not of fear
Test of trust
I trust you now, as we’ve built this bond
I give myself to you to take my senses beyond
Eyes began closing and hand placed into yours
Last thing I saw was the closing of those silk screen doors
Jade kimono unwrapped this golden rose
Chosen by you, this location was one of ancient grace
My heartbeat began to heighten its’ pace
Hummingbird’s song began to fill the air
Am I even sure I should be here?
My true feelings I must confess
I unfurl my flag of independence without strings
Leap of faith taken into ecstasy’s ocean
My liberation came as I fell
Descending and suddenly stopping
In mid-air I am free
Red rope controls my arms
White rope controls my torso
Blue rope controls my legs
Your whispers guide me with a calming wave
My ears are open for whatever you have in store
As is my mind for you to devour whole
Suspended on display by eyes of varied gazes
Maintaining silence in their presence, I went inside myself
No longer was I a bird in a gilded cage on a shelf
Ropes knotted around my flesh
Ropes exposed my inner happiness
Serenity I felt, as harmony with that hummingbird came about
You whispered a few lines of a poem by Byron
“She Walks In Beauty” rolled from your lips like a siren
As you met me in aspect and I opened my eyes
Gazing down at me, your smile was quite a surprise
It was one that was approving and free
Until this moment, I hadn’t a true awareness in how capable I could be
Free of doubt of what kind of woman I am
My timidity was no longer near
Cord cleaves curled pubic hair, leaving me exposed to all who were there
Surrender of white, as my pearl shimmered in the light
Your hands glided upon bare back, as I swayed slightly
Breasts held firm with red rope from ceiling downward
Nipples teased and smacked lightly by your open hands
I inhaled heavily and let my own desires take a stand
Led by you, I knew the journey was only beginning
Lead me on
Blue rope held my legs upward and open
Hands tied with red rope left me bound for brilliance
A human swing I became in this tea house of temptation
Upside down, my mouth played your cock like a flute
Body parts contacted again and again, as I began to tingle
Your hands held onto strands of blue, as this human swing opened only for you
Back and forth with rising tension
Others watched us, as you made your sparrow flourish
My hunger for exploration was being nourished
Pulling out, you came so hard
Essence streamed onto those colored cords
I never knew it was my sexuality I would own
Yet, now I do because of you
Hummingbird has flown
Tiny key unlocked the cage
Always held inside of me, I now turn a page
My wings have indentations of rope as I fly away
Flesh bound
Soul released
In the oddest way, the hummingbird has found peace
Piece of something which isn’t spoken in polite fare
Matured by masters in Japan’s erotic sphere
Diving into Shibari was something I never thought I’d do
And, to think it all started by me looking at a book owned by you
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here:

Riza Oliva: Reach For The Stars

Portrait of Riza Oliva for tony ward erotica homepage November 2021
Riza Oliva. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Text by Riza Oliva, Copyright 2021


Reach For The Stars


One day, you wake up on top of the world and to think it all started from a bucket list one summer. My modeling career did not begin as a dream but as an item on my list that I wanted to check off. I always loved photography and taking professional photos was always something I wanted to try. Right before my birthday, I created a bucket list which included skydiving, traveling more and doing my first photoshoot. Little did I know, that shoot would bring more opportunities to my door. I never expected to be a model because of my height, I am 4’1. Growing up, I admired those girls in magazines and on the runway who were 5’11 or 6’0 in their beautiful clothes and high heels. Who would of thought that decades later, I would be one of those girls walking New York Fashion Week. I did not get here solely because of my looks, there are a billion girls out there who are beautiful and confident. I started modeling with zero confidence and social anxiety. You don’t know how many times I deactivated my Instagram after posting a photo from my shoot because I was so afraid of what my family or people around me would think. You really have to have a β€œI don’t give a fuck” mentality in this industry. I worked really hard, did a lot of research, and took a lot of opportunities that came even when I was afraid. I think my biggest motivation was proving all of my doubters wrong. People had made fun of me for wanting to model, I almost lost my family and probably lost some friends along the way. They say it gets lonely at the top but I think you just learn who will support you through all of the changes in your life and that’s not many.


About The Author: Riza Oliva is a professional photographer, actress, model, business owner and mom based in Philadelphia. To read contributing writer Katie Kerl’s interview with Riza Oliva, click here:

A.H. Scott: Sugar Thighs

nude photo of woman from the rear
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Sugar Thighs


Sugar Thighs in white thong

She with the tan walks along the beach singing a song

Summer sun shining down bright

Proves that Sugar Thighs won’t be alone tonight

Swaying past the man at the Italian ice stand

Sugar Thighs makes a winking demand

“What have you got to quench my thirst?”

Man with moustache like a brush said, “Tell me about yourself first”

Sugar Thighs laughed and sighed, “My mouth needs something to slide inside”

Moustache stood at attention, not to mention the man who was attached to it

“Aah, for the lovely lady I know exactly what will fit” He waved her inside

Sugar thighs followed and started to glide

“So, what is it?” She asked

He unzipped his pants and revealed something red

Boxers with a happy face on them

Sugar Thighs laughed and licked her lips, “Ah, I see. Well that will do the trick”

Happy Face on the floor

Sugar Thighs swallowed more and more

Finishing him off, she left and walked down the beach

For Sugar Thighs, she always knew a treat was always within reach


A.H. Scott: Unzipped and Ready

black and white photo of woman pulling down her jeans
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Unzipped and Ready


Unzipping my jeans

You give me that smile

Unbuttoning my white blouse

My red bra is peeking out

Our mouths meet in the middle of the hotel room

Passion is igniting as we start to dance

I can’t wait to unzip your pants

Your denim jeans fall to the floor

Your jockey briefs give a slight wink to me

That caged python longs to be free

My hands are like a sculptress 

And you are heavenly clay

I’m molding your manhood in every way

Seeing you expand between my hands

I push you down onto the bed

You roll on top of me and we tangle

Our souls start to wrangle

The sheets are pink

And, it made me think

“Instead of him having that V8, he should have eaten pink”….