A.H. Scott: Twisted

woman lying on bed half naked wearing red dress
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021




Twisted sash of my red dress

Untwisted by your hands

Twisted knots in that blue tie of yours

Twisted bodies on a hotel balcony

Both of us yearning to break free

You whisper, “Right here, right now”

With your arms around me, I said, “How?

My dress is parted slightly, as your hand pressed between my legs

I felt a bit nervous that someone would look up and see us

Twisted desire took over me and I let you push my panties to one side

Right there and then on that 7th floor balcony, we had a hot ride

Sun was setting and the ocean air was crisp

This man with the smell of English Leather, I could not resist

Panties of lace pulled out of shape by your strong fingers,

Made my nude petal linger in hunger of his tempting lust

That tie of blue came from off his neck and suddenly I twisted around to kiss him

Red sash blown off balcony flew towards the sunset, as did that blue tie

“Oh, my, my, my”, I whispered as he motioned inside of me

Balcony on the 7th floor was the best place to be  

Twisted, but not unusual for him and me


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