A.H. Scott: Threshold

black dominatrix with submissive in cage
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2023




Pass to explore
Pass to restore
To devour
To empower
Once the step is taken, the bond is never forsaken
Man’s quest is taken
A nine to fiver ain’t desire’s driver
Cover of dusk is that time so electric
With the silk degrees of blue intersecting with blistered orange and sienna
Before you scurry on your way back to that life so polished
Yet, here the mask you wear so fittingly vanishes
Unseen and unseemly it is of what we do here
Mask off of you
Mask on me appears
A garden of delights some may find beyond the door-sill
Hidden craving for comeuppance consumes your will
You shall be on those knees before me and be still
You know the drill
You know my skill
Man in the grey flannel suit is who you are in the public space
Yet, in my domain you shall do what I say without haste
Man of industry, who is one known for propriety
When you are here, any power you thought you had is captured by me
Our situation, this transferable negotiation; is not something brand new
It’s a long, hard ride that lets exploration take time’s side by me and you
Oh boy, oh boy, we’re going to have a ball
It’s going to give me pleasure to watch you crawl
But, before we start, you know what must be done
Off with everything and then there might be some fun
Toss those clothes onto the chair in the corner and return to me in the room’s center
With my arms folded, I wait for a few moments
As you come over to me, I notice one thing that you’ve forgotten
My thought about this misdeed of yours in my presence and knowing a quick correction must not be forgotten
I said everything off!
Collar of silver replaces your Rolex
I hold this watch in my hand and gently flip it on top of the cage
Now, my pet, it’s time to turn the page
Down on your knees
You better be willing to please
Out there you are man on top
In here you are bottoms up
Smug is your face as you walked into my place
Plug in your hole as I now take control
My skill set is so divine
Thus, the reason to my path you came
And, now you are mine
Turn the page
Get in the cage
Crawl inside like a peon
Intoxicating glow across the way from a billboard of purple neon through Venetian blinds forms a pattern upon us both
Outline pattern of slats are formatted upon your descended back
Twinkle of illumination teases the straps on my high heels, as your eyes expand in breathless suspense
What is it about control that rocks your soul?
Is it the relinquishing that sets you off in a bit of queasiness and ease all bound in this moment
Or the tightening of the leash slowly coiled around my hand
Oh, it just comes
Just as you will when allowed by me
I will be the one which will set you free
Plug of noir up your rear, as on all four your body tries to stretch about
Alas, you know my rules, until from the cage you are let out
Tight corset with my hands on hips
You gaze out of the cage wanting a taste
I turn around with my leather-clad ass in your face
“One lick”, I say.
Your tongue obeys
I smirk and look down at you and say, “Another”.
Your tongue obeys
My eyes catch a glimpse of your ego rising and do something that you know is not surprising
Between the iron bars of the cage, my hand reaches inside and turns my pet’s knob with firm tug
You know how you are corrected when disobedient by me and I have no doubt that’s how you get off
Mahogany handle of an object is lifted from the top of this cage by my empty hand
As you get a glimpse of it, a serenity of anticipation comes over your face
Strands of leather fan out as I use this whip like a conductor of deft carnality
I intend for the remembrance of the sting to make your heart zing
Excited I can see you are
My nicely trained pet’s essence decorates this cage’s floor
If granted a next time, your flailing tongue may be allowed to do even more
Unlocked is the cage door
I snap my fingers and you crawl out
Unlocked is the silver collar
Stand up and wiggle that scrawny tail about
Now, be still as I walk about
You’ve done well with me tonight
I retrieve the plug and toss it atop the cage
Snickering at you, “A good pet knows how to be of best use”.
Hearing those words, a nod comes from you
Complicity envelops liaison
Power exchange
Exchange power
Cross my threshold
Encounter my power
Neither black, neither white
Neither tulip, nor sack
Dalliance through this threshold is a journey of escalation from which you never come back
See you next time…if you stay a good pet
As you make your way back beyond my threshold, the titan is not you but me
Threshold is transparency
Control you’ve relinquished is not a loss
In this emancipation of eroticism
She’s the BOSS!!
black dominatrix collars a white submissive in NYC dungeon
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


A.H. Scott
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet and essayist based in New York City and senior contributor to Tony Ward’s blog.  For additional articles by A.H. Scott, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-whatever-santa-brings/

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