A.H. Scott: Tango in The Dark

two people tango dancing for article about sex
Tango in The Dark. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Text by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Tango in The Dark


Black was the color of this couples’ night
Silk dress of black clung to her form, as black silk shirt and matching pants cut a dapper profile of the man she was with
Their names were Alejandro and Sylvia
And, this is their tango in the dark
Back at their cozy cottage along the shoreline after a quick bite and dance, the aria of arousal captured their senses
Alejandro’s hands ran along Sylvia’s shoulders, as he removed the black dress off of her
She shimmied in a slow way, as silk met the floor in a gentle sway
Her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him softly, “Our dance is far from over tonight”
“Night holds charms, as do you, my lovely one”, He replied with kisses along her neck
Sylvia wasn’t shy with her actions, as slim fingers began unbuttoning his shirt and gingerly touching Alejandro’s chest
Dark hair, dark eyes he had, but this man’s seduction of her was a beacon of bliss with every kiss
Alejandro removed his shirt and focused on her, as Sylvia stood in black panties alone
She bit her bottom lip in a sign of want
He knew that look in her eyes and met it with his hands against that soft skin
Long, black hair of this beauty fanned across her breasts as she stood with a smile
He was about to say something, as she placed left index finger against his lips
Alejandro smiled and accelerated towards a higher gear
Waiting for his touches revved her soul beyond compare
Alejandro’s lips motioned with precision along Sylvia’s left hip
Sylvia’s hands ran through his hair, as tender lips of this man shifted slowly around to her rear
Hands of this man cupped each cheek
Sylvia made a sigh of anticipation’s peak
Needing each other so in a desirous race
Alejandro’s kisses on her flesh picked up temptation’s place
Sylvia couldn’t resist his visit to her most intimate place
Petal explored with cautious care, Alejandro knew how to get Sylvia there
Arrival of ecstasy came, as did this lovely brunette
Alejandro caused a full flourish of this rose
Sylvia was revved up and ready to take things up a notch, as she smiled and pressed hand against his crotch
She could hardly get those black pants off this man, as the yearning to have him inside of her was passion’s plan
Zipper was the only resistance which was in the way
Polished fingernails brought that zipper to surrender, as pants and boxers came down with a salute rising
Sylvia’s hand made contact with his tool of titillation in a breathless way, “I want you inside of me now”
Alejandro gave her a playful retort, “Well, baby….speed the plow
This man and woman’s lustful leisure was no sort of diminished ploy
Alejandro and Sylvia’s field of play was the black leather sofa in that living room, as their sweaty bodies were entangled in a meadow of joy
Attraction’s pulsation they shared was just that stark
Embracing love’s tempo is such a wonderful spark
For Alejandro and Sylvia, their tango in the dark was never a frivolous lark
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-dont-stop-the-dance/

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