A.H. Scott: Pulsation

Beautiful topless blue eyed blond in her hotel bedroom
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2022




Her skin like color of ivory, as his was the hue of a butterscotch treat
She had that sexy walk about her, as her left hand clung to his as she led him down the hallway while adorned in nothing but happiness in being with this man
He watched those hips shift elegantly from side to side as she released his hand and faced him
With an embrace and a long kiss, each knew it was the continuation of an evening of bliss
As she rested nude body against the red pillow at the bed’s headboard, those blue eyes of hers drew the man standing in the doorway with a gentle hum and a wink
She rose a few inches upward from a reclined position, as she played with her right index finger against her smiling lips like a lusty conductor with a baton
Walking closer to where she was positioned, he pulled off his black silk robe to reveal his contentment in the moment
Her eyes widened and index finger gently darted against right breast and she asked, “Is that for me?”
With black silk boxers which were remaining on this man, she spoke to that broad smile on his face that was clearly on view
He replied, “Only for you”.
“Mmm, first you cook a delicious dinner for me and now what’s next?”, She couldn’t wait for his plans in their little love nest
He was a randy rooster and she was his cute chick
The black marble nightstand on the left side of the bed held many treasures
Electricity between them evoked many pleasures
His hand pulled an item from within the top drawer of the nightstand
The blonde on the bed appreciated the way this fascinating man had deliciously gotten to her head
A man like him relished the fact that there was never a night with her that he would spoil
Item partially concealed in his right hand was a bottle of baby oil
“Slippery”, He remarked.
“Wet”, she concurrently sparked.
She reached her right hand out to his chest and tapped fingers lightly twice, “I love your surprises, because they are always so nice”.
Bottle top unscrewed, as they exchanged words of desire back and forth, getting them further in the mood
Warm hands of his began to prepare a slight portion of baby oil to room temperature for her to truly enjoy
He was a man who had skill in everything he did, as his touch always gave her a divine thrill
His hands on each breast, caused soft nipples to become erect
Seven more droplets were released between cleft to belly button, as her hands cupped his on her chest
Liquid shimmered on a body in ecstasy of receipt, as she removed her hands and cupped his smiling face ever so slowly
His moistened fingers began to trace down to belly button and against those luscious thighs of hers which did not part
A few seconds passed without either making a move
She wasn’t played hard to get, for he had her already in his heart
He knew patience and passion were the balance that heightened their bliss
The rose on his bed needn’t more to be said, as her stems of seduction revealed a valley of joy to him
His hands were like that of an artisan, whose craft had been honed over many a year, as each of those fingers played along those soon to be oiled thighs
Each muscle on her legs contracted to his touch, as when the state of ascended contact was made in an encircling of her throbbing bud
She wasn’t shy in telling him how good it felt, as words of reciprocity for this massage filled his head
Body slick with baby oil and rising temptation had a scent of desire, as she gazed upward at this man with eyes so warm and inviting
Path of what each of them wanted became aligning
Sitting upward with his hand still resting between those thighs, she whispered, “I want you closer now”.
Shy she was not when being with a man who adored her, as she took the lead in removing his black garment
Giddy a bit in seeing a tiny rise from him in their interaction so far, she couldn’t wait to do for him what he’d done so tenderly for her
“Trading places is what our night of joy is all about”, she said while standing up and wrapping arms around his neck.
Moist was her body from not just that baby oil on her, but sheen of sweat
He relaxed on the bed and even was so mellow in placing his head on folded hands in a contented motion behind his head
He waited for her touch
She opened the bottle of baby oil and drizzled a small portion into palm of hand
Working liquid into awaiting crevices of her those soft hands of hers and letting the oil be absorbed partially, she smiled down at him
He was transfixed on this woman standing above him
Palms made contact with his shoulders, arms, and chest ever so slowly as that oil gave his delicious skin the color of caramel a hint of further succulence for her eyes to appreciate
She could feel the acceleration of his throbbing heart, as that pulsation became an inebriating turn-on for her
Fingers of both moistened hands ran along both sides of his torso, as she was approaching the precipice of his awakening glory
She motioned her hands from that destination he was anxiously awaiting, as a slow detour along each of his legs towards his feet came next
A bit silly this man could be, as he wiggled his toes a bit when she rubbed oiled fingers around those feet of his
He was enjoying her attention, “You are definitely such a delight, my sweet”.
She wasn’t finished yet with that bottle of oil on the nightstand, as it was taken into hand once again
One droplet of baby oil in her palm was worked with circular vigor, as now she gave attention to his titillating trigger
Motioning hands upward on his legs, she made that excursion with care
She was totally giving to him; from lips of a lavishing way to eyes that were enchanted by his reflected gaze, and a body at apex for this man’s touch
He ran his fingers along the top of her head as she tended him with pleasure down there
As she looked up into his eyes, both knew that moment did arise
She climbed on top of him, as he elevated himself and his insertion was made with precision
Momentum of their bodies had a way of breaking the silence in the bedroom, as the bed creaked a bit
Heated it was for them, as their appetites were satiated in each other’s arms
More, more, more… scent of seduction and satisfaction filled the air around them
Desire was unlocked for them, as that undeniable look in each other’s eyes exposed the moment of affection’s culmination
She arched herself upward, as he pulled himself away with her right thigh afforded the ravishing result of their lustful play
Moan came from his lips, as they kissed mightily and he fell backwards onto the bed
She sighed and followed him downward, while playfully collapsing on top of him and resting head upon his chest
Arousal is an intoxicant that turns your head around, expands your level of possibility and hope
It’s the scent of another human being that gets the brain cells thinking of how decadent a single embrace or felicitous entanglement could be
There is an invisible envelopment when being held in his arms and his fingers chart lightly down against your spine
Gaze of the bluest sea when she looks at you with serenity that makes any not so good workday vanish when being with her
And, it comes…as does she
It’s that renewed quintessence which only the two of you can see
It’s pure and away from those who doubt with cynical hearts
Pulsation of a duet of souls is what unexpected chance and opportunity is all about
Forever is now, now is forever
This is where temptation, perspiration and revelation a romantic interlude exist
Curls of gold of the blue-eyed beauty tickle a bit upon your chest as it is where this lovely one’s head rests
Those warm hands of yours cradle her delightful form
She now knows your heart, as her ear is enchanted by your tempo
Pulsation is what links questing spirits evermore
Close up of man ejaculating on lovers face
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

strong>About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-flittering/

A.H. Scott’s book: A Missed Flight is available on Amazon!


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