A.H. Scott: Nightcap

Portrait of tony ward muse Alice Chaillou paris
  Photo: Alice. Paris. Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2022




Italian has always been my favorite
And, you are the man who knows my appetite
Red dress, red lipstick and red shoes
Sexy redhead that never has the blues
Smile for you as I walk into the restaurant
Dress jacket of black, white shirt and jeans give you a look of casual coolness
You stand up and greet me with a peck on the cheek
After a lovely meal and red wine, we take the dance floor
Your spontaneous heart is what I adore
Slow dancing in each other’s arms, as you dip me with such flair
We make it back to your place for a nightcap of sweet delights
Dipping a strawberry into chocolate is a nice start
Dip that juicy fruit into my mouth and watch me melt
Red dress I take off in a way of burlesque
Sash of my dress had made its’ way into your jeans’ pocket
Never a tacky teaser is the way I am
My body may be nothing dazzling to brag about
Yet, I’m being bold enough to do a little bump n’ grind to grab your attention
So, here I am in red satin bra and panty to match
Hips caressed by those hands of yours from behind
I sigh at the words you say so clear and strong
“You are really turning me on”, whispered from you
“I’m glad I can”, I place my hands atop yours
Our bodies move in syncopation as I can feel your burgeoning salute
I step away from your grasp and turn around to face you
My playful side comes out when I’m with you, as my polished fingernails touch lightly below your waist
Without missing a beat, you calmly speak, “I’m going to make to you without haste”
That naughty look in your eyes let me know I was in for a surprise
Red sash taken out of the back of your jeans’ pocket made its’ debut for decadence
I was up for the games we play and turned around in a snap
Sash converted into blindfold was placed onto me by you
You kissed me on the left cheek and I couldn’t resist a reply, “My senses are ready for the ride”.
Taking me by the hand, you lead me upstairs
My mind’s racing about the possibilities that you’ve got planned for me
You lead me to your bedroom and take off my intimates
In your bed, I’m naked without vision but acclimated of seductions sight
Those kisses of yours upon my lips are driving me wild
And, those hands of yours know how to move like mercury
Suddenly, no longer am I touched, as that sound of a jeans’ zipper fills the air
My senses are rising, as you climb atop of me on that bed
I want to take off the blindfold and look into those blazing eyes of yours when you are inside of me
Damn, slowly and deep you are pressing, as I breathe deeply
Yes…yes…like heaven in your arms
Always so nice to cuddle in the afterglow when we are through
Nightcap satisfied
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and senior contributor to Tony Ward’s blog. To access additional articles by Ms. Scott, click here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-wavelength/

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