A.H. Scott: Hymn of the Hummingbird

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Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Hymn of the Hummingbird


Hummingbird flitters in gold cage nearby
Sounds of whispers and laughter swirl about
I don’t know whether I should cry out
You peaked my interest and I volunteered
Now, a glint of yellow up my spine has appeared
Once you asked me if I was prepared
I was vanilla with skin to match
You are a man of unbound experience whose eyes I was able to catch
My first time will be a true test
Test not of fear
Test of trust
I trust you now, as we’ve built this bond
I give myself to you to take my senses beyond
Eyes began closing and hand placed into yours
Last thing I saw was the closing of those silk screen doors
Jade kimono unwrapped this golden rose
Chosen by you, this location was one of ancient grace
My heartbeat began to heighten its’ pace
Hummingbird’s song began to fill the air
Am I even sure I should be here?
My true feelings I must confess
I unfurl my flag of independence without strings
Leap of faith taken into ecstasy’s ocean
My liberation came as I fell
Descending and suddenly stopping
In mid-air I am free
Red rope controls my arms
White rope controls my torso
Blue rope controls my legs
Your whispers guide me with a calming wave
My ears are open for whatever you have in store
As is my mind for you to devour whole
Suspended on display by eyes of varied gazes
Maintaining silence in their presence, I went inside myself
No longer was I a bird in a gilded cage on a shelf
Ropes knotted around my flesh
Ropes exposed my inner happiness
Serenity I felt, as harmony with that hummingbird came about
You whispered a few lines of a poem by Byron
“She Walks In Beauty” rolled from your lips like a siren
As you met me in aspect and I opened my eyes
Gazing down at me, your smile was quite a surprise
It was one that was approving and free
Until this moment, I hadn’t a true awareness in how capable I could be
Free of doubt of what kind of woman I am
My timidity was no longer near
Cord cleaves curled pubic hair, leaving me exposed to all who were there
Surrender of white, as my pearl shimmered in the light
Your hands glided upon bare back, as I swayed slightly
Breasts held firm with red rope from ceiling downward
Nipples teased and smacked lightly by your open hands
I inhaled heavily and let my own desires take a stand
Led by you, I knew the journey was only beginning
Lead me on
Blue rope held my legs upward and open
Hands tied with red rope left me bound for brilliance
A human swing I became in this tea house of temptation
Upside down, my mouth played your cock like a flute
Body parts contacted again and again, as I began to tingle
Your hands held onto strands of blue, as this human swing opened only for you
Back and forth with rising tension
Others watched us, as you made your sparrow flourish
My hunger for exploration was being nourished
Pulling out, you came so hard
Essence streamed onto those colored cords
I never knew it was my sexuality I would own
Yet, now I do because of you
Hummingbird has flown
Tiny key unlocked the cage
Always held inside of me, I now turn a page
My wings have indentations of rope as I fly away
Flesh bound
Soul released
In the oddest way, the hummingbird has found peace
Piece of something which isn’t spoken in polite fare
Matured by masters in Japan’s erotic sphere
Diving into Shibari was something I never thought I’d do
And, to think it all started by me looking at a book owned by you
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-sugar-thighs/

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