A.H. Scott: Drawn


Poetry by A.H. Scott




Man to woman

Woman to man


Woman to woman

Man to man

Human to human


Crossing each other’s worlds unplanned

Was it that certain coolness of his stride?

Could he bring out her wild side?


Just looking at him, she knew

Excitement and fascination drew her in

Luckily for her, magnetism was mutual

She was anxious for a thrill

He was a man who had that drive and will


Moth to flame


Into desire’s web without any blame

Choice to explore one another without shame


Flirtation and arousal tease the senses in that delicious dance of introductions between man and woman


A few dates here and there

They both enjoyed each other’s time

Nothing much to write home about


For the first time in her life, a man tapped her core

Beyond those slim folds so moist

Her inner flame rejoiced


She’d never been with a man like him

Cocky and so damned, self assured

He had women in his bed without snapping a finger

Sophisticated seduction was his trigger

Vanilla was her life

Amaretto swirl was what he could deliver

Boring was one thing he never was

In his world, she took trust into her own hands


He was a man, not a boy

She was a woman, not a girl

Debonair swashbuckler caressed her pearl, as adventure on this night took both for a whirl

Treasured most between them was trust


Head rested on pillow, as she waited for him to begin

One hand patted her bare ass, while the other held instrument of amusement

Drizzle of red wax flowed downward onto alabaster skin

Whistle of cool breath from his lips kept the degrees at a minimum, as she flinched from contact with that candle

Resembling Red Hots candy, a quintet of color nestled onto right cheek of her ass

Just like the flavor of fiery cinnamon, this visual stirred his senses

Slightly she purred for him


A few whispers into her ear were a sonnet so nastily sweet


Fingers flicked off the wax onto the sheet

He took her without haste

Not a moment of entering her would be put to waste

She invited him in deep, for a promise of fulfilling his wanting was one which she always would keep

Legs wrapped around his back were nothing compared to unwrapping the inhibitions she’d had before him

She knew he had others, yet didn’t care

No way in hell would she regret anything they’d chose to share

Opening her eyes to sensual surprise was his lesson for this night

As for teaching him something, it was her becoming attuned to the ecstasy of delight

His touch, his whisper, or even wax melted on flesh was a melody she absorbed in her soul

Spirit of this encounter would never grow old

Curiosity eternal



About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Erotica. To read additional poetry by A. H. Scott, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search icon.

Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2015


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