A.H. Scott: Don’t Stop The Dance

Photo: Tony Ward. From the Night Fever Series. Copyright 2021

Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2021


Don’t Stop The Dance


Linda had a lovely smile
Whenever Jack came into the diner she worked at, he enjoyed talking to her for a while
She’d pour him his usual and he’d sip that java ever so slow
Leaving a tip of a five spot, Jack asked her out on a date
Sounds and sights of the other couples on the dance floor, was a whirlwind for Linda to adore
Jack’s hands were all over her and she felt a bit bashful on their first date
To hesitate would be her fate
She knew guys like Jack are always eager and never want to wait
First date ended without those fireworks and Linda figured Jack would never again be in her sight
Fate gave a second chance, as Jack came into the diner that next week and asked Linda out again for a dance
On that dance floor for the second time, Linda felt a sense of ease in not being obligated to please
Jack could tell she wasn’t an average tease
“Don’t worry”, Jack said, “We’ll play it by ear”.
Walking her home, they chatted about the way life can bring unexpected events into your life
Linda didn’t say it out loud to Jack, but he was the man she wanted to explore
Night had possibility, but she gathered up some courage to show him that within her there was something more
Linda wasn’t too sure, as the key slipped into the door
But, Jack was for their first night together
His hands caressed blue silk around her hips
A sigh came from Linda’s lips
She extended left hand against his chest and took a few steps away from him
He chuckled and asked, “Is everything alright?”
Linda winked at him, “I was thinking about what you said the other night”.
No time to waiting any longer, she thought the man and the moment were just right
She walked over to the radio and turned it on
His smile almost matched hers, as a tune filled the apartment, as that blue silk floated to the floor
“You said the other night that life’s a dance”, Linda stood in bra and panty alone
Jack held his hand out to her and she firmly took it
Powder pink vanished from this lady’s lovely form, as did his clothing in a pile next to hers on the living room floor
Linda delivered kisses to his lips and down along his chest, as Jack’s aroused passion didn’t want this adventure to rest
She was hands on his tool of temptation, as her mouth glided downward with anticipation
He was hung and his bell she rung
Radio was like a sensuous soundtrack as a chanteuse sung
To be with a man had been almost something forgotten
But, a woman never forgets that special touch a man brings to her body and soul
Jack penetrated Linda in depths she hadn’t known for a long while
Exploring her lips with actions and whispers, from those silken ones located between her thighs
Not to mention as his target of elevation motioning upward at belly button and onward to parting of bosom
Linda’s fingers ran through his hair with light refrain
Jack was picking up on her vibe
Linda’s feet made a few steps backward, as the purple velvet sofa gave a nice platform for their performance of treasure
Jack’s hands cupped her ass and those legs of hers wrapped around his back
Intimacy was theirs, as was that locomotion of reception and culmination came about
Jack and Linda were breathless, as these moments were inescapable and unforgettable
Sounds of soft melodies continued to roll, as both were now contented souls
Linda’s arms relaxed around his neck and shoulders, as she whispered, “Don’t stop the dance…”
Their beat went on…as did a future of pleasure
About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here: https://tonywarderotica.com/a-h-scott-freefall/

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