Beach Report: Last Days of Summer

Margate City, New Jersey


Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018




Like most folks that visit the Jersey Shore during the summer months, I usually visit Margate City or other shore points between  the Memorial and Labor Day weekends, when thousands of people from Philadelphia and the surrounding area flock to various New Jersey shore points to enjoy the sun and the surf.  In recent years, there has been much concern about the New Jersey shoreline as it has taken a beating over the years because of the increase in violent tropical storms that continue to erode the beaches all along the New Jersey coastline.  The Army Corps of Engineers were brought in to fix the beach erosion crisis that emerged after hurricane Katrina, but a small pocket of resistance to the corps efforts surfaced in the borough of Margate City, New Jersey.  A group of wealthy property owners with multi million dollar investments on or close to the beach in Margate organized a legal effort to fight against an order by then Governor Chris Christie, to allow the corps to make improvements to the coastline by creating sand dunes to sure up eroded sections of the beach.  After hearing the pros and cons surrounding the eventual decision that the dunes be installed, neighbors continued to be concerned about the aesthetic and practical changes to their beloved summer destinations.  

My personal opinion is that the Army Corps of Engineers performed an incredible job by transforming and protecting the shoreline from the eventuality of even greater threats from future tropical storms and or hurricanes.  There are thousands of beautiful newly planted dune brush growing steadily along the shoreline as far as the eye can see.  Long blue mats run from the beach at entry points in Margate City near landmark Lucy the elephant where the dunes transformed the landscape.  From that point forward beach goers are required to walk on the newly installed  sand as they look for a place to to set up  beach chairs and surf boards in preparation for a care free and relaxing summer afternoon.  The great thing about the Jersey Shore during the period after Labor Day is  hardly anyone is there.  You almost feel as though you have the beach all to yourself. I imagine the dunes plantings will grow considerably taller and more lush by the Spring of next year.

Tony Ward Self Portrait, September 6, 2018


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