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Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016

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  1. A.H. Scott January 17, 2016 at 1:46 pm #


    Her saving grace was her habit
    His sojourn was to inhabit
    Latex habit is so sleek
    Man’s senses twitched just for a peek
    Beneath it, she wears her collar of leather and trace of lace to conceal an intimate space
    Lace of black was gone like that, as she placed it onto a polished pew
    Pierced pearl with ring of gold and diamond stud kept coolness at her core
    As she walked about, it shifted and gingerly dangled which gave her pause
    Seated in the confessional, he tells of his sins
    Of being master of the boardroom, yet craving to be slave of her chapel
    Sin was nothing new, as time and time again she’d placed black leather thong upon that pew
    He crawls on his knees and his Communion of consciousness began
    Removal of the habit gave him the longed for sight of diamond shimmering against her jewel
    For her habit was latex, his was to be schooled
    Black leather collar and stilettos were the costume of command, which took his soul where he needed to be
    Praying for peace she did, as he crawled between her thighs
    He hardened listening to her sighs
    Nipple rings and diamond stud were a nice match to that rosary in her hands
    Silver on top and diamond on bottom were the trinity of his blessings
    Lady of Solace was always there to give a man a good hand
    Preying for piece she did, as stiletto heel lightly brushed down his bare back
    Huntress in latex, she wanted his piece
    There was a habit she had, and inches of man were the centerpiece
    His girth was her mirth, as angel of latex gazed at stained glass upon the ceiling
    Mankind’s conflicts over land, resource and morality shall never cease
    Yet, here in this place, all sins were welcome and every man was left pleased
    To her, they came to rid themselves of guilt in a quest for relief
    To them, she was a hot angel fulfilling each lusty soul in heaven’s belief
    After she finished with him, candles were lit quickly and the three points drifted from her lips in a whisper
    Habit came
    Habit went
    Habit of this luscious lady was in knowing the silent desire that kept a man bent

    – A.H. Scott

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