Diary: Self Portrait With Maya


Self Portrait: 1996


Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


Diary: Self Portrait With Maya

If I had to choose a defining self-portrait from the Penthouse years (1995 – 2005) it would be this picture that I came upon recently in my archives.  During  a  a test shoot with “Maya” the former Entertainer of the Year winner at Delilah’s Den, the legendary gentlemen’s club on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia, I decided to make a self portrait with the exotic dancer during a break from one of my earliest shoots for Penthouse Magazine in 1996. I often scouted and photographed in various  clubs along  Delaware Avenue. This picture was staged at the former Egypt nightclub located at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Spring Garden Street.


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  1. admin January 5, 2017 at 11:35 am #

    I had reservations in writing this message to you. In fact, I wasn’t going to write it all. But, my brain, backbone and fingers said there would be no way in Hell I could let what I’ve just seen go by without putting my two cents into the mix.

    The self portrait of you and Maya! The first thing that came to my mind was one word – “UNFUCKING-BELIEVABLE! (Hope that’s not too raw a word which would offend you, Tony) But, then after that initial primal reaction to that decadent photograph; I let my spirit take over.

    I came up with a description of you, which may or may not be fitting: “Tony Ward is an anthropologist of arousal”.

    Now, after you stop laughing at reading that; I have more words to go.

    Human sexuality is a Celestial puzzle of pieces ever so varied. Some seem to be cloaked in frivolity and a dismissive air about it. Not taking themselves or whom they tangle with seriously is the attitude which some may convey. Of course, on the other side of the street (or, could it be sheet), there are the ones who enjoy a cerebral intimacy. A person who fits in the latter category may never be hanging from a chandelier, but, they find other things to satiate their core. After all, the mind is the most potent organ a human being has.

    Tony, as “an anthropologist of arousal”, your camera, flair and ability to seize the moment that unfolds before your lens, as you have archived worlds near, far, vanilla, and (what some would label) bizarre. Yet, your lens never flinches from recording the human condition of erotic exploration.

    This probably sounds silly to use this phrase, but, you seem to know how to read people naked. Now, what I mean by ‘reading a person naked’ has only a smidgen to do with them being without fabric upon their skin. You make a connection with your models and it is revealed in the product. Knowing what makes people tick as you click is conveyed in the breadth of your vast career.

    I know I am probably so far off the mark about what I just wrote; yet, in that picture of you and Maya, both of you are comfortable in your element. As you wrote in the text about her profession, some would find it easy to say she takes off her clothes for strangers and shakes what she’s got. But, uh-uh, this image shows a woman comfortable in being a sexual being without shyness or shame over how some would judge her.

    Even though her face is not seen in that image, Maya is giving off the vibe of a woman saying in reverie, “Damn straight! I own who I am – unapologetically!”

    As for you, Tony, your sense of knowing how to get that essence of soul snapped in timeless suspension. That expression on your face has a similar vibe saying, “I do what I do. And, this is it. I’m an artist who creates – PERIOD!”

    Good luck with your memoir, Tony. Wow, I can’t believe one image by you set me off this Wednesday afternoon. I better careful every time I go to TWE, or I’ll faint when getting a glimpse of the archive of Tony Ward.

    And, with that, I only have one thing left to write: “You blow my mind, Tony!!”

    Take care & do that thing you do – CREATE! CREATE! CREATE!

    A. H. Scott

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