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A.H. Scott: Percolate


Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2018


Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2018




Reclining there, she said, “I swear…he thinks we’re finished for tonight”

The one who stood replied, “For you, little stud….this night’s just begun”

We ladies have you as our toy and your obedience is our fun

Bitch in blue gave a smile, “I got dibs on his mouth”

Lady with those danglers upon her ears laughed, “Good choice…cuz’ I got dibs on his cock”

In her thigh highs, she snapped for their toy to kneel

On his knees, he was more than eager to please

Yet, pleasure wasn’t his for tonight

Twin bitches were about to set him just right

Pussy squished down on his chin and mouth again and again

Like a naughty girl riding a rocking horse, the motion was a hellish grind

Toy in the middle obeyed and towed the line

He had to hold his breath when inhaling her scent, as he wondered where the other one went

Sucking him off a bit, the other watched her sister in seduction riding his face

Tongue made a tawdry trail up from ball sack to shaft again and again

He squirmed and moaned

These ballsy bitches knew this toy would bring their pleasure home

Blue corseted lady was about to rock

Yanking it hard, so became his cock

His pole was ready for a pussy that didn’t pout

Hot as hell, she rode him and didn’t want him to pull out

In that boiler room, the heat of three sizzled

The fairer sex wasn’t going to fizzle

Ladies rode face and cock, as their tongues connected

He was being used in a way he hadn’t expected

Fairest sex was equality of eroticity

A hot fuck eroded simplicity

Bitches were top, while cock was bottom

This buckle boy in leather knew his place

For these ladies, thought of the fairer sex was easy to replace

Splatter of his cum in an upward shot came in a glistening, white trace

Few drops landed on carpet of red

“Lick it up”, Sexy face-sitter said

Stiletto bitches stood and waited for his mouth to do some work on that floor

Tongue did the lapping, as these impatient bitches’ toes did the tappin’

As he finished the cleanup, snap of command came

He sat back down on the bench, as the scratchin’ kittens decided to burn by their own flame

Watching he did, as the fairer sex took his breath with what they did to one another again and again and again

Steam heat!!

Stream heat!!



About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here:



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Summer Thompkins: Men Are a Joke

Portrait of Summer Thompkins by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018

Portrait of Summer Thompkins by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018


Text by Summer Thompkins, Copyright 2018




All these dudes that friended me on FB keep posting about slut shaming, shaming sex workers, etc. I’m just in awe at how they managed to find me, friend me, and expect to stay here long – lmao

Y’all realize men are the weakest of the humans for these things right? Like dead ass, you will all go watch porn and then see a girl in a bikini on ya timeline and have the audacity to shame her despite you loving to look at naked women when it’s most convenient to you.

Women are not supposed to be convenient, we do not get dressed or undressed for you, we do things for ourselves be it sex or nudity or pictures or videos or work or pleasure.

We don’t care to be “wife” material because a real man doesn’t have to refer to the bible or a list when it comes to his woman.

Men will act like literally trash bags and then go online after cheating on their girl and talk about “if you a girl you a hoe”

Strong women hold so little value to anything good or bad a man has to say about a woman its shocking, y’all keep thinking you can open your mouths about us like we give a shit.

AND to the idiots who complain about girls who always have boyfriends, or girls who always post half naked pics:

At least the girl is trying for something, most of y’all can’t even get a response in ya DM’s let alone a first date, let alone a girlfriend. And then when y’all get a girlfriend you cheat on her with a sack of potatoes that looks like your great aunts big toe, and get mad when your original girl realizes her worth and leaves you on the curbside where you belong (every tuesday its trash day, beep beep).

You men complain about getting what you want, just because it was offering to give it to you.

You men complain all day about women, get a woman, and then act like the women you complain about.

You men, are a joke.


About The Author: Summer Thompkins is from Philadelphia, a 21 year old model, writer, feminist, and new contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To see additional pictures of Summer, click here


Editor’s Note: Summer is wearing a scarf by K Vaughn. Makeup by Emily Dimant. Jewelry: J Rudy Lewis. Production Assistant: Anthony Colagreco


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TWE: January 2018

Tony Ward Erotica: January 2018

Tony Ward Erotica: January 2018


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TWE: September 2017



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