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Diary: Cathy Jean

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018


Cathy Jean


Looking through the archives recently I came upon this photograph of Cathy Jean, who’s musical achievements spans a wide range: rock, blues-rock, jazz, funk and gospel.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her twice, once at my studio in Philly, the second time at the Elkins Estate not far from my home in Montgomery County, Pa.  This topless photo was produced during our second shoot in one of the marble bathrooms of the historic 42-acre estate. In February, 2009 the Dominican Sisters sold the property to the Land Conservancy of Elkins Park.  

Cathy is from Baltimore, Maryland. It has been noted she was born into an abusive but musical family. She recorded her first musical album at the age of 9. Inspired early on by various women in rock, Ms. Jean was then introduced to the blues. It was this introduction as a teen that led to her love and respect of the genre.


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Studio News: “Saint Stephen’s” Netflix & Chill


Music Video by St._Ephen. Title: Netflix & Chill



Artist: St._Ephen





St._ephen “Saint Stephen” aka Stephen Levine local artist in the Philadelphia region was  born January 26 , 1993. Son to Marita Coston and Ronald Levine . At  an early age, Stephen was exposed to a range of eclectic music such as Motown and Classic Rock . Inspired by the Grateful Dead from their song St. Stephen; the name was once reborn . He spent summers with his Dad living in Montgomery township, Pennsylvania  and during the earliest part of his school years lived in New Jersey with his Mom  . Ultimately, Stephen spent the remainder of his teen life at Cheltenham High School .

During those years Stephen was introduced to participating in musical productions. Like singing in the high school choir , a cappella  groups , touring ensembles and musicals. After high school he decided to go to Montgomery Community College but decided to take a year off to pursue being a songwriter and an artist in music . “Netflix and Chill” is one of the many songs that Stephen has made over the past year.  Most of his songs are produced by Andrew Meoray and Xave Michael . The video was produced and directed by Joe Schaefer and Marissa Nicole Pina .

It took two days of filming with scenes shot in Dumbo, Brooklyn and  in parts of North Philadelphia. With this video, the directors wanted more of the clashing of colors and specific visual movements . They also tried to capture the natural art of just chilling. The people involved in the production deserves the utmost thanks, gratitude and appreciation. The question what is to come next?

His next single is called; Someone Better, featuring Xave Michael . Also, a full body of work is planned to be released by the summer of 2017. His grandfather’s favorite quote was “Be Ye not , but be prepared” . So whatever life has to bring Stephen aka “Saint Stephen”will surely be ready.

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